How to keep your children safe online

How to keep your children safe online

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Online safety is an important concern for parents, as children are increasingly using the internet and technology as a part of their daily lives. With Safer Internet Day coming up on February 7, The British School of Amsterdam would like to share five tips for parents to help keep their children safe online.

While the internet can be a wonderful resource for learning and connecting with others, it is important to teach children how to use it safely.

1. Communicate with your children

Keep an open line of communication with your children about their online activities. Ask them about the websites they visit, the games they play, and the people they talk to online. This can help you stay informed about what they are doing online and can also help you identify any potential online dangers.

2. Teach your children about online privacy

Help your children understand the importance of keeping personal information private online. This includes their name, address, phone number, and other identifying information, for example which school they attend. Encourage them to think carefully about what they post online and to never share sensitive information with strangers.

3. Use parental controls

Many devices and internet service providers offer parental controls that allow you to block inappropriate content and limit the amount of time your children spend online. These controls can be a helpful tool in keeping children safe while they are using the internet.

4. Set limits on screen time

It is important to set limits on how much time children spend using the internet and other technology. This can help prevent them from becoming overly reliant on these devices and can also help reduce exposure to online dangers. 

5. Supervise online activities and stay informed

It is important to supervise your children's online activities, especially for younger children. Not only can you keep an eye out for any online threats but this will also help with keeping informed on what your child is currently interested in, and the latest games, apps and other technologies.

Be proactive in your child’s safety

By following these tips, parents can help keep their children safe while they are using the internet and technology. It is important to be proactive and to continuously educate yourself and your children about online safety to ensure a positive and safe experience for all.

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