The British School of Amsterdam: Embracing the Dutch language

The British School of Amsterdam: Embracing the Dutch language


Welkom bij onze school! In an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is an invaluable asset. At The British School of Amsterdam, they pride themselves on offering a comprehensive European languages programme with a Dutch programme tailored to students of varying proficiency levels.

From beginner to advanced, their curriculum's focus on the Dutch language and culture is designed to prepare them for success in both everyday life and future academic studies.

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Diverse learning levels

The British School of Amsterdam understands that every student has unique learning needs and they support students being able to create successful learning pathways as they progress through the school through adaptive teaching methods and robust assessment and feedback cycles. That is why they offer Dutch language lessons at different levels. Whether your child is just starting their language journey or aiming for fluency, the programme aims to support success at all levels.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9), they offer lessons at three different levels and students work towards achieving the A2 level of the European Framework. In the advanced groups, many students reach the B1 level by Year 9.


At GCSE, students work at level A2, B1 and B2 in preparation for a Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde taal (CNaVT) examination. In Year 11, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) students will take the examination for CNaVT at A2 or B1, and advanced Dutch speakers are expected to take the CNaVT at B2.


At A-Levels, students have the opportunity to take the CNaVT examination at two levels with both levels offering possible pathways to higher education in Dutch institutions. The majority of students will sit the B2 examination which is recognised by most universities of applied science in the Netherlands. Some students will go on to sit the C1 examination which is recognised as a relevant Dutch language qualification by most universities in the Netherlands.


Immersive learning experience

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for navigating everyday life in the Netherlands. From practical language skills to understanding Dutch customs, history and traditions, their lessons are designed to be both informative and engaging.

At The British School of Amsterdam, they utilise a combination of MFL resources and native Dutch materials, tailored to each student's proficiency level. From interactive projects to immersive Dutch trips, their curriculum offers a diverse range of learning experiences. Their higher sets even have the opportunity to read books in Dutch, further enhancing their language skills.

Supporting pathways to further education

Whilst The BSA has over 50 nationalities in the school and students choosing to study at further education establishments around the world, the majority of their students also choose to remain in the Netherlands, taking advantage of the excellent university options here on their doorstep. The examination courses they offer at GCSE and A-Level enable students to access these options and provide transferable qualifications that are recognised by Dutch universities.

Dutch qualification British equivalent
VMBO-T Diploma GCSEs in six subjects with grades 9-1
HAVO Diploma GCSES in four subjects with grades 9-4 and either:
AS Levels grades A-C in two additional subjects or
A-Level grades A*-E in two additional subjects
(six different subjects in total)
VWO Diploma GCSES in three subjects with grades 9-4
A level grade A*-C in three additional subjects
(six different subjects in total)

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The British School of Amsterdam is committed to providing a holistic language education that equips pupils with the skills and knowledge to thrive in an increasingly globalised world. If you would like to learn more and see The BSA, you can arrange a visit or contact the Admissions Team at [email protected].



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