Higher education in the Netherlands ranked 6th best in Europe

Higher education in the Netherlands ranked 6th best in Europe

The Netherlands has come in sixth place in a ranking of the best countries in Europe for higher education, according to the 2024 survey by The Campus Advisor

The Campus Advisor’s European Higher Education Ranking 2024

Every year, thousands of international people choose to come and study in the Netherlands, but how does the country perform in international comparison? The Campus Advisor considered six key factors to determine the best countries in Europe for higher education. The countries were rated by current students, who completed a survey. Their answers were then compiled to provide a final score out of five. 

Based on these ratings, Dutch higher education received an overall score of 4,32 out of five, landing in sixth place. The Netherlands received its highest score for graduate career prospects (4,58), followed by quality of education (4,57), social life (4,55), as well as arts and culture (4,51). With a rating of 4,49 out of 5, the Netherlands was also ranked the third-best country in Europe for student diversity. The lowest score the Netherlands received was for cost of living as a student (3,19). 

The best higher education in Europe

According to the rankings by The Campus Advisor, these are the top 10 countries for higher education in Europe:

  1. United Kingdom (4,51)
  2. Germany (4,41)
  3. Ireland (4,40)
  4. Switzerland (4,37)
  5. Denmark (4,34)
  6. The Netherlands (4,32)
  7. France (4,31)
  8. Czechia (4,25)
  9. Austria (4,22)
  10. Sweden (4,18)

For more information on the rankings, visit the Campus Advisor website.

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