Free Dutch courses for international students at Groningen

First year international students at the University of Groningen (RUG) will be able to participate in a free 50 hour beginners' course in Dutch, starting in January 2013.

By facilitating international students in Groningen learning Dutch, the university hopes to encourage more students to stay in the Netherlands after they graduate. According to a recent report in the Volkskrant, four out of five international students leave after graduation rather than staying and finding work in the Netherlands.

The Dutch beginners' course will be offered at the University Language Centre. All international students starting a non-Dutch-taught Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme at RUG will be eligible to participate, with the exception of those doing a short term exchange.

The focus of the beginners' course will be on practical communication skills and will involve everyday scenarios such as introducing yourself, ordering something at a café or restaurant, asking for directions, and so forth.

Separate classes will be arranged for German-speaking students and the 50 contact hours will be used to combine a beginners' and advanced course.

For more information about the Free beginner’s Dutch course for international students, you can check out the website for the course here, and you can find contact information for the University Language Centre here.

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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