Dutch universities improve in economics & business rankings

Dutch universities continue to perform well in both Economics and Business research, according to the latest results of two leading worldwide rankings on these subject areas: the Tilburg University Economics Ranking and the UT Dallas World Wide Business School Ranking.

Five Dutch universities made the Economics Top 100, while 2 Dutch schools ranked in the Top 100 for Business. Interestingly, the Dutch schools which are strong in these categories fare differently overall, as judged by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-2012 and World Reputation Rankings 2012.

All universities in the Netherlands that made a Top 100 list improved their ranking for the second year in a row. American universities continue to dominate in both categories, with the Top 10 in both Business and Economics comprised entirely of U.S. schools. Harvard University placed in the Top 3 in both rankings.

It is also worth noting that in both rankings, the top school leads by a large margin, and thereafter differences between schools become more subtle.

Economics: Tilburg University Ranking

The Top 10 of the Tilburg ranking consists of the same 10 schools as last year, albeit with some shuffling; the Top 4 remains unchanged for 2 years straight. Harvard University holds steady in the top position. The London School of Economics remains the best performing European university (11th position).

The highest ranked Dutch university is Tilburg University, in the 21st position (previously 23rd). The University of Amsterdam is ranked 27th (previously 31st), Erasmus University Rotterdam 52nd (previously 55th), Maastricht University 49th (previously 62nd), and the VU University Amsterdam 73rd (previously 77th).

The Top 10

 Harvard University (1)
 University of Chicago (2)
 New York University (3)
 University of California, Berkeley (4)
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (7)
 Stanford University (5)
 Columbia University (6)
 Yale University (8)
 Northwestern University (9)
 University of Pennsylvania (10)

View the complete Top 100

Business: UT Dallas Ranking

The Top 10 of the UT Dallas ranking has 9 of the 10 schools that made the list last year. The University of Pennsylvania holds steady in the top position. The best performing European university is INSEAD in France (11th position).

The two Dutch universities which ranked in the Top 100 for business schools were Tilburg University in the 38th position (previously 41st), and Erasmus University Rotterdam in 39th (previously 42nd).

The Top 10

 University of Pennsylvania (1)
 Harvard University (5)
 University of Michigan (3)
 Duke University (2)
 University of Chicago (7)
 New York University (4)
 Stanford University (8)
 University of Maryland (6)
 University of Texas (11)
 Columbia University (9)

Both rankings are based on publications in leading journals in the fields of Economics and Business, respectively, covering a 5 year period; these latest results cover the period from 2007 to 2011.

 Tilburg University Economics Ranking
 UT Dallas World Wide Business School Ranking

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