CBE Languages: Your home base for language learning success

CBE Languages: Your home base for language learning success


Picture this: it’s Wednesday night and you’ve just finished another thought-provoking language training session at CBE Languages. You join the others in the cosy café The Canteen to grab a coffee and a bite and continue the lively discussion you were having earlier. As you spend the evening sharing stories, ideas and jokes with each other you begin to realise; these aren’t just my fellow students, they’re my friends.

Learning a language can be challenging. At CBE Languages, all energy is focused on creating the most comfortable and personal learning environment possible. The unique combination of traditional classroom teaching and a modern, personalised course will help you reach your language goals, no matter how particular they might be.

Not your standard teaching approach

CBE Languages is a certified Cambridge Assessment English Test Centre

There’s no proven recipe for learning a new language. This is in part due to the individual learning style each person has. Whether it be through blended learning, apps or going to a language school, we all learn a little differently. However, there seems to be a common theme amongst new and seasoned language learners: a warm and engaging learning environment plus empathetic teachers equals learning success!

If you come and see CBE Languages during the registration weeks in September, you’ll get just that. A friendly and warm welcome, followed by a language level test and a personal one-on-one interview. This process is carried out by one of our many certified trainers, who will gladly share their enthusiasm for teaching over a nice warm beverage in The Canteen. This test identifies your language level and helps the teacher create a potential plan to help you achieve your learning goals.

By combining traditional group lessons with personalised learning advice and the ever-popular multilingual conversation events, you’ll make great language progress, and maybe even some new friends along the way.

Breaking the mould

As one of the first language centres to team up with National Geographic Learning, who have partnered with TED Talks, CBE Languages is pushing hard to provide the kind of modern language skills training that helps you communicate effectively in today’s world. In collaboration with Gnowbe, CBE Languages has also harnessed the power of app-based micro-learning to help you retain and practice your skills on a day-to-day basis outside of classes.

Get certified!

CBE Language’s 20+ years of experience ensures that you’ll receive high-quality test preparation, as well as complete follow through to a final Cambridge English Exam- all under one roof! By choosing a certified Cambridge Assessment English Test Centre like CBE Languages, you’ll be safe in knowing that your achievement will be recognised by all appropriate employers, academic institutions and government agencies.

Boost your skills, fast!

Don’t have time for an 11-week course? Try a Booster Training package! A concentrated burst of intensive 1-on-1 language training sessions that will help you feel prepared and confident while using the target language requested. Whether it’s a personal or professional language goal, our qualified and highly experienced teachers will work together with you to reach it.

Harvest your new goals in September!

Even though summer is in full effect, autumn is almost upon us. With the upcoming season comes a time for choosing new endeavours and focusing on your learning opportunities.

New courses starting in September. Secure your place now!

CBE Languages offers new and seasoned language learners a unique learning environment with expertly created courses delivered by certified, native-speaking teachers.

The new courses will begin this autumn and they are looking to fill up fast! In order to secure a place, get in touch now and come down for the registration weeks in September and meet the trainers that make CBE languages a family. The courses run from September 16 to December 5 and range from Business Communications Skills in English, Absolute Beginners English to Dutch NT2.


For inquiries and sign-ups, you can email CBE Languages at [email protected]. You are also welcome to call 010-282 7820 or to stop by at Haagseveer 62, 3011 DA, Rotterdam.

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