American School of The Hague launches the Dutch-English Pathway

American School of The Hague launches the Dutch-English Pathway


The demand for Dutch language instruction has increased significantly in recent years. Many families who enrol their children at an international school intend to make the Netherlands their home for an extended period. In addition, they want their children to become proficient in Dutch to better integrate into the local community and access future educational opportunities, like Dutch universities.

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American School of The Hague: Dual-Language Pathway

Beginning this August, American School of The Hague (ASH) will introduce the Dutch-English Dual Language Pathway for their Elementary School. This program will provide a comprehensive dual-language education, combining core subjects taught in Dutch, with specialist subjects and social interactions conducted in English.

The Dual Language Pathway will start in Kindergarten for the 2024-2025 academic year. Students enrolled in the pathway will not only learn Dutch and English but they will also benefit from the full ASH experience, becoming a vital part of a vibrant school community where children from more than 70 countries learn and grow.

"Students in our Dual Language Pathway will experience everything that we provide at ASH," says Elementary School Principal Dr. Michelle deKam Palmieri. "We are offering an academic experience that includes the rigour of the curriculum that all ASH students experience - through language proficiency in Dutch."

A comprehensive curriculum

Led by native Dutch and English-speaking teachers, the Dual Language Pathway is fully integrated into the ASH approach and will encompass core subjects, such as literacy, maths, science and social studies, taught in Dutch. Specialist classes, including art, physical education and music, will be taught in English, which is also the social language used at the school.

Teaching will begin primarily in Dutch, gradually introducing English at each grade level. This ensures a balanced dual-language immersion, seamlessly integrating Dutch and English throughout the curriculum with a strong emphasis on literacy development in both languages.

Students enrolled in the pathway will also have the opportunity to participate in unique ASH programs, including performances, author visits and STEM projects that start in Pre-Kindergarten and are effectively integrated throughout the curriculum up to Grade 12.


Academic and social integration in the Netherlands

The Dual Language Pathway is designed for international and Dutch families alike, broadening opportunities for those seeking a blend of local and global university options and providing a unique educational experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

One of the primary goals of the Dual Language Pathway is to ensure that students become proficient in Dutch and English, both socially and academically. Such proficiency opens numerous doors for students, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into Dutch society, avoid being confined to an English-speaking bubble and prepare for outstanding higher education opportunities in the Netherlands.

Speaking Dutch allows students to develop a larger sense of involvement and attachment to their home. Dutch Language Teacher Jose Jans shares, "It's hard when you grow up in a place and you're not familiar with the language. If families plan to stay here long-term, it's essential for their children to find a place in the Dutch community." The Dual Language Pathway ensures that students develop proficiency in Dutch while taking advantage of the countless opportunities provided by an ASH education.

A world of opportunity at ASH

American School of The Hague is an international school located in Wassenaar, educating students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 (ages 3 - 18). The school places particular emphasis on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education across the entire curriculum, as well as vibrant visual and performing arts instruction in and out of the classroom. It also offers more than a hundred clubs, activities and competitive athletic teams, providing countless learning opportunities for students of any age.

ASH offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and is the sole provider of the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) pathway in the Netherlands, equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in higher education and beyond.


Explore the Dual Language Pathway at ASH

The Dual Language Pathway at ASH represents a forward-thinking approach to education, addressing the needs of an international community in the Netherlands. With the goal of delivering bilingual proficiency and fostering community integration, the Dual Language Pathway prepares students for a bright future both academically and socially.

Families interested in the Dual Language Pathway are invited to enquire about the program, schedule a visit or begin the application process. Applications for Kindergarten are now being accepted.



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