5 reasons to obtain a degree in Business Administration

5 reasons to obtain a degree in Business Administration

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Do you want to follow a study programme with great career potential? Studying Business Administration will help you achieve your career goals by providing you with the right skills and network.

Jobs in the financial sector are among the top opportunities in the Netherlands and a business degree helps you to launch your career in the industry, whether it is in the field of banking, accounting, human resources or marketing!

Continue reading to find out why getting a degree in Business Administration is the right decision and what to look out for when picking out the programme for you:

1. Networking opportunities to launch your career

To guarantee that you have the opportunity to meet and connect with professionals, some programmes ensure that guest lecturers are regularly invited to classes. These lecturers share valuable insight into the different challenges in the financial sector and can help you establish valuable connections to kick-start your professional career upon graduation.

In the Netherlands, most study programmes also have a study association. These associations also organise a number of events, guest-lectures and company visits to help you make contacts. Even during these challenging times, students work hard to make sure their fellow classmates have the best opportunities to start their dream career!

2. Attractive career prospects

Close to 70 percent of Business Administration Master’s programme graduates find a job within their field with a gross average salary of 3.000 euros.

Among others, alumni of these programmes work as business consultants, marketing specialist or data analysts, or even run their own business! They find jobs at multinational companies or consultancy firms, but there are plenty of opportunities for those who are more interested in start-ups or research institutions as well.

A degree in a Business Administration provides you with the right skills for many sectors, so upon graduation, you can easily switch to other industries or specialisations, particularly because of your multidisciplinary educational background!

3. Multidisciplinary approach for well-rounded professionals

Business Administration is already well-known for its broad outlook on the way organisations work, focussing on all aspects of businesses, such as marketing, finances and HR.

However, in our globalised world, challenges cannot be tackled from a single point of view; professionals of different industries and backgrounds must come together to find solutions. Therefore, you should start working with this approach already in a Master’s programme!

Using a multidisciplinary learning method, people share knowledge across disciplines, enhancing the educational scope and depth. Through this, a multidisciplinary study programme ensures that a certain subject is studied from more than one discipline.

Some institutions in the Netherlands see these advantages of a multidisciplinary approach and integrate this into all its study programmes. In practice, this means that, next to taking specialised classes in the field of business and economics, you have the chance to follow courses in, for example, political science or public administration to enhance your curriculum and learn how to look at the same topics through different lenses.

4. Small-scale classes for personal contact with your professors and peers

Full-time studying is a demanding endeavour, and you want to make sure you follow a programme that pays attention to the quality of study materials, as well as the classroom experience. In order to make the most of your programme, it’s important that it ensures quality education through continuous supervision of students, accessibility of lecturers and small-scale, interactive teaching.

Furthermore, classrooms that are filled with discussions, debates and student-led presentations will ensure that you learn how to think like a professional. In order to build on your network, it’s just as important that you establish good connections with your lecturers and fellow students, as well as with businesses. Who knows, your future colleague could be sat in the same room as you!

5. Completing a degree in the Netherlands

Higher education in the Netherlands is in the top 1% worldwide, and all Dutch Research Universities belong to the top 200 of the world, which is proof of their excellent quality!

Furthermore, as you will already know living in the Netherlands, the Dutch are known for their excellent command of the English language. Completing a degree in the Netherlands, which is recognised worldwide, thus helps you to keep your options open.

Moreover, the Netherlands features an extremely wide-range of cities and universities, and with everything being so well-connected, you do not necessarily have to go with the obvious choice of the university in or near the city you live in.

Why not branch out and choose the university offering the best programme for you? Each university is unique and has its own unique focus. Therefore, it’s important to shop around and gather as much information as you can in order to find the best programme for you.

Is your interest piqued? Why not look at the Master’s programme in Business Administration at Radboud University. Their unique programme focuses on all the points described above and more and provides you with an excellent opportunity to advance your career. 

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