Unemployment increases, but number of vacancies stable

Unemployment increases, but number of vacancies stable

In October, seasonally adjusted unemployment increased by 17 thousand people to a total of 536 thousand, representing a 6,8 percent unemployment rate, according to the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

In September 2012, unemployment stood at 6,6 percent. In the last three months, unemployment increased by an average of 9 thousand people per month, half of whom were aged 45 to 65. Unemployment is now 5,8 percent among workers aged 45 to 65.

The latest figures released by the UWV indicate that the number of current unemployment benefits (WW) rose by almost 2 percent in October 2012, reaching 310 thousand. The increase was relatively strong in seasonally sensitive sectors such as hotels and restaurants and agriculture.

Meanwhile, CBS reports that at the end of September there were 108 thousand seasonally corrected job vacancies, down just 1 thousand compared to the previous quarter. The number of vacancies fell much faster in the previous three quarters.

In all sectors besides care, the number of vacancies stabilised, while in care the number was lower than in the previous quarter at 15 thousand.

The vacancy rate was 13 unfilled vacancies per one thousand jobs by the end of September, the lowest vacancy rate since 2003.

In the third quarter of 2012 there were 164 thousand new vacancies, a decrease of 29 thousand compared to the same period last year. There were also many fewer vacancies filled in the third quarter of this year than last year. The labour market was again less dynamic than in 2011.

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