Techfynder: Connecting professional contractors and companies directly

Techfynder: Connecting professional contractors and companies directly


The Netherlands is transforming into the new powerhouse of tech innovation in Europe. With its everyday top-notch scientific and technological advancements and highly qualified workforce, the Netherlands is steadily becoming the new Silicon Valley.

The significant pace of growth has led to an increased demand for senior IT talent, but if your skills are not quite there yet, do not worry; the strong start-up scene has ample opportunities for junior IT professionals.

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Techfynder: Direct global recruitment platform

For years now, more and more specialists have been needed to meet the increasing demand. However, finding talented technology contractors is no longer solely the concern of technology businesses - it is now, due to COVID-19, the main challenge for all businesses.

Irish talent-tech specialist Techfynder has built a direct global recruitment platform, free for skilled professionals to bring a better future for contractors and companies. Techfynder is empowering employers and IT contractors to find one another quickly and connect directly, saving time and money.

Finding your next contract job made easy

Finding your next contract job couldn't get easier with Techfynder. Build your profile, enter a great overview with your rates, skills, and experience. Then businesses will browse contracting job opportunities across all sectors and locations. Techfynder has clients in 82 countries, some contacting contractors directly while others prefer to put up a job posting.

How does it all work?

Firstly, it is and always will be 100% free for contractors; the platform was built by contractors for contractors to make their lives easier. Secondly, it is not all about jobs – it’s more about employers searching for a direct skill, experience and daily rates with a location. If this all matches: bingo! An employer will contact you directly through the platform.

Techfynder platform

Current problems

Here are some current problems contractors and companies may deal with:

  • Professional Contractors/Consultants find it difficult to connect directly with companies about current and upcoming projects.
  • Planning and searching online for the next contract can take time.
  • The arrangement of interviews and communication is a long process.

Techfynder’s solutions

And these are Techfynder's solutions to the aforementioned problems:

  • It is a free skill service connecting your profile with thousands of companies.
  • You can manage your availability and pre-plan contract jobs.
  • Build a profile network with your rates, skills and location.
  • Receive matching job alerts and skill requests in real-time.

An affordable, efficient and flexible solution

Techfynder can help the market in the Netherlands by offering a direct solution with access to a global talent pool, as well as locally sourced contractors that are available. The supply for employers utilising an educated labour force in the form of independent contractors serves as a more viable and direct solution for businesses.

Thus, both sides need an affordable, efficient, and above all flexible solution that matches clients with the right IT talent and manages jobs sensibly, based on the required skills, abilities and qualifications. With this innovative digital platform from Techfynder, companies utilise a global contractor market that enables employers to browse it efficiently, identifying only those IT contractors who meet their needs.

Rapid growth

Since its launch in October 2019, it has seen rapid growth. The platform is already active in 128 countries worldwide and is used by more than 128,000 professional contractors – one-third of whom are female – and renowned global clients. The portals' daily usage rate of IT professionals is up now to 85%, and the worldwide database is growing rapidly.

“We have seen an increasing demand in Mainland Europe especially in the core areas within the Netherlands and as such the technology market for contractors joining Techfynder as well as businesses availing of their services,” says Paul Guy, Director of Marketing, Techfynder.

Work with some of the best companies across the globe

Techfynder’s intelligent platform matches top-quality contractors with roles for which they’re most qualified and most likely to get. The matching algorithms also consider your skills, experience, preferred rates, and location. It helps you plan your next contract and work with some of the best companies across all sectors around the globe.

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Join for free and get contacted directly by employers who need your skills. For more info, visit the Techfynder website or their social media:



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