Freelancers earn 30 percent less

Freelancers earn 30 percent less

A freelancer in the Netherlands charges 49 euros per hour on average, which is 30% less than one year ago, according to, the job website for freelance work in the Netherlands that analysed the hourly rates submitted by thousands of users this year against last year's rates.

Key results on freelancing in the Netherlands
 mobile application builders suffered the biggest drop in hourly earnings (51%) from 100 to 49 euros
 secretaries experienced the second largest fall (39%) from 56 to 34 euros
 both software developers and accountants now earn 55 euros an hour, a reduction of 18%
 only translators increased their earnings, with a 21% jump to 41 euros an hour

Note that there are large regional differences in the earnings for freelancers and those who have set up their business in the Netherlands. Groningen saw an average reduction in hourly rates of 44% across the professions.

By contrast there was an apparent upturn in the freelance market in Amsterdam, which contributed to an overall decline in earnings in North Holland of just 4%.



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