Stereotypes in the Dutch job market

Employers in the Netherlands still opt for white, healthy, native men according to Leo Hart Field.

During a roundtable discussion on discrimination in employment, the FNV director claimed that at central level, employers and unions agree to give anyone a fair chance but:
 unemployment among immigrants remains high
number of women at top levels has not (significantly) increased
 those older than 50 years old have an extremely low chance of finding a job when they lose their current one
› only 4 percent of employers have (at least one) young disabled worker
and thus, if employers and unions fail to create equal opportunities, the Dutch government must act.

About FNV
The FNV is an organisation of unions that represents the interests of employees and social benefit claimants. The focal points of the FNV are employment and income, two aspects which cover a very broad area. Income may be derived from work, but also from social benefits. Equality, solidarity, freedom of speech, justice and sustainability are the FNV's core principles.



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