Salaries in the Netherlands increased by 3,2 percent so far in 2022

Salaries in the Netherlands increased by 3,2 percent so far in 2022

Salaries in the Netherlands continue to rise at unprecedented rates. For the third month in a row, employers’ association AWVN reports that salaries agreed upon in collective labour agreements have risen by over 3 percent. 

Dutch salaries continue to rise at historic rate

After a 3,8 percent increase was recorded in both May and June, Dutch wages grew at a slightly slower rate in July 2022. According to preliminary figures, people with jobs in the Netherlands covered by collective bargaining agreements saw their salaries increase by an average of 3,4 percent last month. That means that workers have seen their incomes rise by 3,2 percent this year, on average. 

The biggest increases were recorded amongst those working in education (+3,5 percent), the paper industry (+3,3 percent), and transportation (+3,24 percent). Those working in the government, construction, and retail saw their incomes go up by an average of 3,2 percent.

AWVN optimistic wages will continue to grow “for a while”

While the growth rate does appear to be tapering off, a spokesperson for the AWVN emphasised that this is only incidental. “We have a total of eight hundred collective labour agreements, of which about five hundred will be renewed this year. Last month there were a number of agreements with a lower wage increase,” they explained to NU

In spite of the historic figures - the last time wages rose by 3,4 percent was in October 2008 - the salaries of the majority of workers remain unable to keep up with the high rate of inflation and the rapidly rising prices. However, the good news is that AWVN is optimistic this wage growth trend will continue “for a while, unless the global economy collapses.”

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