Portrait Events on the Go: For professional business portraits

Portrait Events on the Go: For professional business portraits


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Many people spend hours updating their LinkedIn profile. But many of those same people invest little time thinking about their profile photo.

You know that the first impression of your photo is important, but it was either hard to find the time or not easy to take a new professional picture. Also, being in front of the camera might not be your thing…

If you want to update your look on professional social platforms and more, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Portrait Events On The Go is a series of events, offering mini photo sessions with fast and flexible solutions, specially designed for the sake of good portraits for individuals and groups.

What is it all about?

Portrait Events on the Go in 6 steps: 

  • Follow @portraitevents to stay updated about monthly portrait events 
  • Check flexible locations and affordable packages to find the best options for you
  • Reserve your spot by booking an online ticket
  • Enjoy short but effective 15-minute photo sessions
  • Receive selected portraits of your choice in 48 hours, retouched and high-res
  • Update your look on social platforms with a new portrait, fast and easy

Portraits on the Go

Perfect for professionals

These events are perfect for professionals and small business owners, such as coaches, consultants, trainers, strategists, creative entrepreneurs, wellness entrepreneurs, freelancers and more.

A unique location, every time!

To provide you with more flexible solutions, event locations change regularly. At the moment, the events are taking place in Amsterdam, but they will also take place in Haarlem, Leiden, Rotterdam and The Hague.

Business owners

Do you own a business and have multiple employees? If you would like to have consistent images used for your internal and external communications for your team, setting up an hourly or daily Portrait Events on the Go in your space is possible. Contact the photographer to get a quote.

Tips for better business profile photos

Here are some handy tips to make sure your profile photo achieves the best results:

  • Dress appropriately for your role
  • Wear attire that you feel good in, in colours that complement your hair and skin tone; no busy textures, patterns, or logos
  • Smile with your eyes to appear approachable and confident
  • Make eye contact with the camera
  • Wear minimal jewellery, buttons, and headwear
  • Consider layering clothing and accessories like shirt and jacket; sweater and loose scarf

Did you know?

First impressions of you from your profile photo are likely to stick, even after you meet in-person. With a professional portrait with an approachable and confident look, you will have more of what you have been looking for; better and effective connections.

Next portrait event 

The next event, "New Year, New Portrait" takes place in Amsterdam on January 12, 2020. Follow @portraitevents for the upcoming event’s date, location & concept. The session has limited spots, so don’t forget to reserve your spot with a ticket in advance.

About the photographer

Gözde Otman is a portrait photographer with a background in visual communication design studies. With 10 years of experience in photography and awareness of working people’s needs, she created Portrait Events on the Go for business portraits. Apart from events, Gözde also offers Lifestyle Sessions covering Portraits, Babies and Maternity, Kids and Family, and Travellers concepts.



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