The optimised path from application to job offer with Orange Quarter

The optimised path from application to job offer with Orange Quarter


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If you’re looking for a job in the Netherlands and want to get from job application to job offer as fast as possible, Orange Quarter should be at the top of your CV submission list.

Orange Quarter is a small but mighty team of 20+ specialist tech and digital recruitment consultants across two offices in Amsterdam and Berlin. Their network and market knowledge have allowed them to work with some of the biggest names in tech including Uber, WeTransfer and Dott while they also focus on optimising the tech candidate experience.

With the help of Orange Quarter, candidates find and settle into a new job up to 50% faster. Read on to find 5 not-so-obvious reasons why working with Orange Quarter will give you the edge when looking for your next role.

Less effort from you, with better results

Ever spent hours customising a cover letter to find that the job has already been filled? Or taken the time to attend an interview to find the company culture isn’t quite what you’re looking for?

One phone call with Orange Quarter goes a long way. They ask you the questions that matter and their team sets out to introduce you to a tailored selection of companies that fit your culture requirements, ideal team structure and growth goals.

Because they place huge value on culture matching, their candidates stay happy in their new role. Of the candidates Orange Quarter placed in 2018, 96% of them remained with their company for 12 months or more.

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Their network becomes your network

Orange Quarter is proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in tech and they are passionate about connecting with innovative startups making their way onto the Netherlands’ tech scene. They don’t take the words "market specialists" lightly, so they work hard at being the most connected and knowledgeable recruiters in their cities.

Working with Orange Quarter is an all-access pass to these companies, people, innovators and scalers. Equipped with insider knowledge on tech companies, their projects and team needs, candidates have a better chance of receiving a job offer from the interview stage.

The competitive edge as standard

Why do Orange Quarter candidates have such a high success rate? It comes down to coaching and insider intel. From Linkedin profile advice, through to CV polishing and interview prep, they’ve mastered the coaching process for optimal results.

Your personal negotiation ninjas

Transparency is not just a buzzword at Orange Quarter, it is the difference between a good candidate experience and a bad one. They gain an idea of salary expectations from the candidates at the beginning of the process. With this information, they ensure they are introduced to the companies that can meet these expectations, or on the other hand, can rip the bandaid off and deliver a tactful reality check.

Handling awkward money conversations is less so when you’ve spent years mastering the art of negotiation. Orange Quarter ensures that they use this force for good to secure the best offer possible. Orange Quarter candidates typically receive a salary increase of 10-15% from their previous role.

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Challenging the recruiter stereotype

Unlike other agencies, Orange Quarter consultants aren’t governed by KPIs which means candidates don’t become just another number. They understand the enormous role a job plays in our everyday lives and so they nurture it as if it was their own.

Orange Quarter likes to think of themselves as career companions: their long term relationships allow them to work with candidates multiple times throughout their career. When asked, 96% of their candidates said that they would use Orange Quarter again if they are looking for a new job.

Get to know their team of specialist recruiters and connect with them directly on LinkedIn.

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