New national subsidy for clean taxis and delivery vehicles

As of October 1st, a new national subsidy is available for clean vehicles. The Dutch government has set aside 25 million euros from the National Air Quality Cooperation Programme (Nationaal Samenwerkingsprogramma Luchtkwaliteit, NSL) to fund the new programme.

In addition to the national subsidy for electric cars, Amsterdam will introduce a provision for clean taxis, freight vehicles and vans (from euro 6/VI) during the first half of 2013.

The subsidy for a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle is 3.000 euros, while an exceptionally clean gasoline, LPG, natural gas or diesel engine delivers qualifies for a 1.250 euro subsidy.

While the national subsidy programme focuses on all entrepreneurs in the country, Amsterdam's programme is targeting those who drive frequently in the city for work reasons. Those who qualify for the Amsterdam scheme will in many cases be eligible for the national scheme as well.

Amsterdam is currently preparing the new system. If you want to stay informed about its progress, send an email to luchtkwaliteit[at]amsterdam[dot]nl.

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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