Miele X: Always on the lookout for great talent

Miele X: Always on the lookout for great talent


On the third floor of the multi-award-winning Valley building, nestled in the thriving multi-cultural community of Amsterdam South, you’ll find a very interesting business indeed. A true centre of excellence in digital transformation. A full-service digital agency supporting a single client: Miele. It’s home to 155 experts in all aspects of ecommerce, data and analytics, digital marketing and IT, delivering highly innovative, inspiring and effective work. There’s little doubt that Miele X is creating a new digital heritage for its iconic, global parent brand.

Miele X is always on the lookout for great talent!

A premium client

For over 120 years, Miele has combined ultimate performance with constant innovation. Expert craftsmanship with meticulous devotion to detail. Creating premium appliances, built to last. The team at Miele X are carrying this heritage forward, continuously scrutinising the way they engage with prospective and existing customers. To deliver a digital experience befitting a prestige brand like Miele.

"Immer Besser"

When you walk into the office, you can feel activity everywhere. It’s clear that the teams are all focused on the company’s single purpose: to enable the digital acceleration of the Miele Group. By creating delightful consumer experiences and driving online growth, they're all committed to pushing digital boundaries and learning from each other. Striving for perfection, together. At Miele they call it “Immer Besser”, which means “Forever Better”.

Shaping Miele’s digital future

The Miele X team know that central to the future success of the Miele brand is a full and deep understanding of their end-to-end customer journey. From hi to buy; making sure their marketing is effective and delightful; creating a desire for their products; offering their customers a premium online experience; making online shopping easy and fun. All, ultimately, are designed to increase their online revenues.

To achieve this, Miele X has collected digital experts from over 40 different nationalities together in Amsterdam. People from diverse backgrounds and industries, each bringing with them a unique set of approaches and perspectives. From teams focused on digital marketing and data, governance and analytics, to those looking at customer engagement and the e-commerce process - all work together to attract, engage and excite new and existing Miele customers.

Miele X - Getting X done

Getting X Done together

There’s a genuine entrepreneurial vibe about Miele X, where colleagues are encouraged to challenge convention, be curious, think smart and act fast. It’s an approach that the team call “Get X Done”. It’s a simple statement that binds the team together in their purpose. And such a future-focused team needs an equally innovative home, which is why Miele X recently moved into their new offices at Valley.

A workspace built to be creative, fun and inclusive. Designed to encourage teamwork, spark innovation and bring the very best out of people. With bright and airy spaces, full of greenery and natural light. Combining smart technology with sustainable design. All to boost well-being and protect natural resources, with fun breakout areas, and, of course, a purpose-built kitchen full of the latest Miele appliances.

Always on the lookout for great talent

The team at Miele X is already 155 members strong, but always keen to hear from talented people. Innovators, committed to pushing digital boundaries and open to learning from each other. Inspirational digital thinkers looking to join a business that truly values different opinions and respects everyone’s expertise. People excited by the possibilities that come with shaping the digital future of Miele. 



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