[May 2011] Unemployment rate in the Netherlands

According to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands:
 Unemployment figure up by 8 thousand in May
 Unemployment stays around 400 thousand
 UWV registers fewer job seekers and unemployment benefits

In May 2011 the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate reached 400 thousand. This equals 5,1 percent of the labour force. The number of unemployed people increased in May according to the latest figures by Statistics Netherlands.

UWV figures show that the number of job seekers as well as the number of unemployment benefits are decreasing.

Unemployment around 400 thousand
The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased by 8 thousand in May 2011. In the last six months the unemployment figure stayed around 400 thousand. In 2010 unemployment fell almost continuously. The increase in the number of unemployed in May is entirely attributable to women.

It is the first time in 2011 that unemployment among women actually increased. The number of unemployed men ceased to fall at the start of the year.

Fewer young job seekers
The number of job seekers registered at UWV WERKbedrijf fell by 10 thousand in May to 465 thousand. This decrease was greatest among job seekers under 25, same as in April. There was an above average decrease in the number of job seekers in technical professions and care.

Fewer men on unemployment benefits
The number of unemployment benefits (WW) fell by 6 thousand to 256 thousand in May. This decrease is mainly attributable to men. In May 29 thousand new benefits were granted, the same number as in April. The number of terminated benefits fell to 34 thousand.



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