A job that makes you happy: 5 ways to increase job satisfaction

A job that makes you happy: 5 ways to increase job satisfaction

Work does not have to be limited to being solely a source of income or your social status. A job that gives you satisfaction is not just a myth, and it can actually become reality with some determination and the right moves from your side.

Tips for gaining more satisfaction at work

The following steps will help you identify what is important to you.

1) Get to know yourself

In order to gain satisfaction from your job, you need to find an occupation at which you excel. Observe yourself and identify your strong competencies and your weaker points. Then, choose a profession in which you can develop your best attributes and reach success.

2) Discover your passion

What is the activity that makes you feel complete and gives meaning to your life? For some it could be writing, for others could be gardening or spending time with kids.

If you manage to earn a living with your hobby or passion, then you have reserved for yourself eight meaningful hours per day for the rest of your life. Of course this is rather the exception than the rule, but some people are lucky enough to turn their hobby into their day job.

3) Challenge yourself

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" (Neale Donald Walsch). Repeating the same familiar things might feel cosy and safe, but does not introduce anything new. In addition, nothing offers a greater sense of fulfilment and pride than a new achievement.

Do not allow yourself to stay still, but look for new projects and opportunities. Meet with people who have something new and inspiring to show you, or who can stimulate you in some way.

Educate yourself by learning something you’ve always been curious about but never reserved the time for. Practice new skills that you enjoy and could potentially apply to your professional career.

4) Maintain a balance

No matter how important your job is to you, it is crucial that you give yourself time to rest, clear your mind and spend time with your loved ones.

Draw a clear line between your work and your personal life and keep a healthy balance between the two. If your work takes over, there is a high chance that you can start feeling exhausted and will find yourself resenting it.

5) Be positive

Even if you have not found the perfect job, there are ways to find purpose in what you do and be happy. Think about which parts of your job you enjoy or give you a sense of meaning and keep your focus on these positive elements (eg. communication with people if you are in customer service/helping others if you work at the police force/interacting with your co-workers etc).

Diversify your sources of happiness

It is often the case that your daily job is not able to give you all of the stimulation and fulfilment you need in order to feel fully satisfied in life.

However, looking for alternative sources of happiness next to your every day job can be helpful. A good solution for many people is to make time for volunteering for example. Chances are that your "dream job" is out there, but perhaps getting paid for it isn’t an option right now.

Identify the activities you love and the organisations that you would love to work for, and find out whether they have use for a volunteer on a regular basis. This way you are bound to connect with new like-minded people and you will experience new things that make you grow as a person. It can be liberating, as the pressure is off your day job to be be-all and the end-all solution to your happiness. And who knows, perhaps it will open doors for you professionally as well!

What steps have you taken to increase job satisfaction?

Mina Stamataki


Mina Stamataki

Mina is an Occupational Health Psychologist (MSc), with experience in the topics of workplace health promotion,stress prevention,diversity and safety. In addition, she is working in Learning & Development in a...

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