Feeling stuck? 7 tips to get your career moving

Feeling stuck? 7 tips to get your career moving

Are you feeling that you have been doing the same stuff for a long time now? Are you ready for your next career step, but with no clear opportunities ahead?

The urge to develop is an inherent human need, which gives us purpose and the exciting feeling of anticipation. However, it can often be the case that there are no opportunities visible for you in your organisation.

Following the tips below, you will be able to move your career some steps forward:

Plan your path

Where do you want to be in a few years from now? Picture the position you wish to see yourself in, and set your route and strategy accordingly.

What are the key competencies that you need to develop, what kind of training do you need to invest in, and what type of responsibilities or projects should you pick up?

Communicate your ambition

Make sure your manager is aware of your goals and aspirations. Plan a meeting with your manager in order to share your thoughts. Ask for feedback and for help on shaping your development. Discuss what you should keep doing and what you should start or stop doing.

Set objectives

Again with the help of your manager, turn your goals into real objectives and monitor your progress. Your objectives should be smart, with a clear connection to your career development and with a specific time frame. In addition, link them to concrete action steps which define how you reach these objectives.


Do not underestimate the power of social networking. The more people in the business you know, the better are the chances of hearing about a good job opportunity, running into a person in a key position or getting a referral for the job of your dreams.

Remember that a single connection can open up multiple opportunities for more contacts and career growth.

Find a mentor

A mentor can show you the way to important resources of information or channels of communication with people in key positions. A successful mentor can also give valuable advice on career growth and smart directions.

You can search for your mentor among people in the upper management of your organisation or people who thrive in your occupational field.

Be creative

Is there something missing in your organisation? Do you have an idea that could "shake" things up and make the difference?

Bring it to the front and be brave enough to suggest new projects. Who knows? Your innovative thinking might open up a brand new position for you!

Look for opportunities

Stay alert and keep your eyes open for new job openings. If finding something more suitable in your current organisation is difficult for you, expand your search to other companies as well.

More than likely there is a working environment out there that fits better with your values and your style of working.

It's in your hands

In the end, you are in charge of choosing the path that is best for your current situation and for your future development.

However, make sure you have clearly communicated your needs to your current employer, so that you have given them a fair chance to meet your ambitions or to make the necessary corrections or adjustments to your working environment.

The sky’s the limit, you just need to see the opportunities that are out there. And don’t forget, success in life is created by a lot of hard work and staying true to yourself!

I will leave you with a quote by Mark Twain: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

What are the most important lessons you learned when you decided you needed to advance your career?


Mina Stamataki


Mina Stamataki

Mina is an Occupational Health Psychologist (MSc), with experience in the topics of workplace health promotion,stress prevention,diversity and safety. In addition, she is working in Learning & Development in a...

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