Ignite your career with The Career Spark

Ignite your career with The Career Spark


You’ve unpacked your bags and finally settled down in the Netherlands. Now it’s time for the next step: your career. However, finding a fitting job can be challenging. Especially for international professionals in a foreign country. But don’t worry, The Career Spark is here to help you out. Their personal career coaches and consultants will see you through the process and provide all the tools you need to land your dream job in the Netherlands.

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This is what The Career Spark does

In short, The Career Spark supports you in your job search. They provide consultation, guidance and some additional services that set you up for success. With practical advice and coaching throughout all of the steps of your job hunt, they help you to be the best professional you can be. The Career Spark is your partner from the first orientation until you ace that job interview and score a job in which you’ll do what you love.

The Career Spark’s services

Everyone has got their own skills and ambitions. The Career Spark knows this. That’s why they tailor their services to your individual needs and wishes. They’ve put their services together in three clear packages, so you can easily choose a combination of services that suit you best. These packages typically include services like:

Career orientation

Career orientation helps you find out what you really want. With an overview of your strengths and weaknesses, knowledge of the Dutch labour market and clear career objectives to focus on, you will find jobs that match your interests perfectly.

Career consultation

With the help of trained coaches in career consultation, you will make the right decisions. Get help with identifying your personal and professional goals, explore possible career moves and find fitting vacancies and opportunities that guarantee maximum job satisfaction.

Resume & CV writing

Align your qualifications, skills, experience, and personal traits perfectly with specific job requirements with the CV writing service. With a customised CV in hand, you will bring your value to the table and get that job interview you want.

Cover letter writing

A good cover letter gets noticed by recruiters and HR managers. Add some personality to your CV or resume with the help of The Career Spark’s cover letter writing services. And while they’re at it, they will also help you to make your case as the ideal candidate for the job.

LinkedIn Profile reviews

Why would you spend all your time to find your ideal job when recruiters can also find you to offer you a job? With a LinkedIn profile review, get useful tips for better visibility, attention-grabbing headlines and a summary that simply can’t be ignored.

Job interview coaching

Job interviews are still the most important part of job hunting. It’s where the deals are made. Job interview coaching from experienced experts helps you present yourself in a self-assured and more confident way. That’s exactly what employers like to see.

Who is The Career Spark? Who is The Career Spark

The Career Spark consists of a team of trainers, coaches and professionals in HR, recruitment and psychology that experienced first-hand how hard it can be for expats and international professionals to enter the Dutch labour market. They have been there, done that. So don’t expect some general textbook tips, but enjoy real advice from people that faced the same challenges as you do - and overcame them.

Ready to ignite your career?

Find your career coach at The Career Spark and start:

  • Making better decisions in your work life
  • Defining your value proposition
  • Building confidence
  • Rafting a persuasive CV
  • Preparing for interviews at positions that make you happy



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