Diversity in the workplace: 3 ways to get it right

Diversity in the workplace: 3 ways to get it right

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The Career Spark consists of a team of international trainers, coaches and professionals in HR, recruitment and psychology who have experienced first-hand how hard it can be for companies, expats and international professionals to find their place and feel at home within a diverse workplace.

Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic nowadays. But before companies start managing diversity in the workplace, they have to know what diversity is.

Diversity is anything that makes people different from one another. Diversity includes a myriad of factors - who we are, what we do, believe, where we come from, how we talk or do things. Diversity in the workplace is powerful. Companies that understand and embrace diversity in the workplace outperform others, and job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor while they job hunt. Diversity without inclusion will not work.

Now that we know what diversity is, the next step is how to get it right in the workplace. For that, read on.

1. Put diversity policies in writing

It is important to include diversity policies in the employee handbook. The personnel policies around this subject should be well documented. What is the company’s policy towards diversity in the workplace? What is the strategic plan? What are the aspirations, outcomes, key groups in a given timeline? Make sure you draw a communication plan which should detail non-discriminatory communication. Moreover, these policies should include documentation about hiring, compensation and benefits till termination.

An annual calendar of diversity events in order to celebrate, promote and raise awareness of diversity in the workplace should also be communicated and promoted.

2. Invest in leadership sensitivity training

Leaders at all levels must be a top-down champion, and a role model for diversity in the workplace. Diversity in the workplace is a day-to-day effort, and it must be treated as such by the company’s leadership. Some leaders might be reluctant to understand and promote diversity in the workplace. Increasing awareness in the workplace through training might be a good investment. However, this sensitivity training should be offered to all employees.

Think of this training as a preventative measure, stopping issues of diversity matters in the workplace before they occur. Diversity in the workplace is a responsibility across the entire company to try and get it right.

3. Inclusive workplace

Diversity in the workplace without inclusion is inefficient. All employees should feel that they are part of the company no matter how diverse they are. It is the responsibility of a company to remove all barriers and embrace all employees irrespective of their abilities or disabilities. They are all valuable members of the company. Promote a work culture that welcomes all.

When employees feel they cannot be themselves at work because they feel unsure or unsafe, it will affect their motivation and engagement. Make employees feel essential to the success of the company.

Diversity in the workplace is all about empowering employees by respecting and embracing what makes them different in all ways. It means appreciating and understanding one another by truly embracing the differences.

Working with people from all over the world, The Career Spark knows how important and crucial the subject of diversity and inclusion can be - from the hiring process to termination. Their workshops are tailored to your own needs and requirements. Combining their own experience and the knowledge they have gained, these workshops will be a true success and valuable for your company.

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Haris Achterberg

Haris is the initiator of the Career Spark. She has an international career in HR including recruitment and people development. Her passion is helping and motivating people to grow and...

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