How to build an online marketing strategy for the Netherlands

How to build an online marketing strategy for the Netherlands

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The European market is right up for grabs. It is the largest economy in the world, the sum of a variety of national economies. Amsterdam-based digital marketing agency Whello explains what this means, and how you can run a successful company in a European country like the Netherlands.

Gaining access to the European market creates countless other opportunities. Also, as one of the most digitalised trading blocks of the world - with 92% of households having internet access - the European market is more accessible than ever for brands all around the globe

How to be successful in a European country like the Netherlands

If you wish to professionally succeed in the European market, you must take into account that your local marketing strategies need to be moulded to the right fit. It is extremely important to do thorough market research to identify both your local business opportunities and risks.

Furthermore, the best way to enter the European market is to collaborate with the right local partner. Only then will you be able to ensure you're moving closer towards your goals.

Once you cover both these things, you will be able to determine your goals together with your European partner. Now it’s time to build an online marketing strategy around your proposition.

A local market cannot be compared to any other market

Depending on which European country you specifically wish to tackle, your plan of action will vary. A strategy built for the Netherlands will not give you the same results in Spain, for example. A specific Dutch marketing strategy will entail its own market research and, most likely, a different local partner.

While your market research will depend on your product, and your ideal local partner will depend on your needs, there is one thing that all businesses that wish to execute marketing in the Netherlands will have to face regardless of the industry. The Dutch audience.


Highly necessary for a successful Dutch marketing strategy: the people

In the same way that you have to adapt your marketing strategy for a European audience when specifically planning for your marketing in the Netherlands, you must tune your actions to cater to the needs of the Dutch customer. There is no successful online marketing strategy in the Netherlands without this step. The Dutch do not have the same way of living as people in other European countries.

The Dutch customer appreciates clarity and straightforward communication. They want to know what a campaign is exactly about, so make sure that this comes across crystal clear in your digital marketing strategy in the Netherlands.

Maximise your Dutch marketing with the right language

While it is true that the vast majority of the Dutch public speaks English to a very high standard, particularly among the youth, this shrinks the further away you go from large metropolitan areas such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague.

Furthermore, despite the high level of English, many customers are still more likely to consume content and purchase something in Dutch. This is reflected in the fact that the most popular websites for online shopping are all in Dutch. Compared to other European countries where Amazon has completely taken over the online economy, it comes in 6th place in the Netherlands, trailing behind several local marketplaces. Accordingly, communicating in Dutch will be a must for your marketing strategy in the Netherlands.


As experts in European and specifically Dutch marketing, Whello can help you navigate the daunting yet exciting and rewarding journey into Dutch marketing. Get in touch now and let them know how they can help you!



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