Employment agencies in the Netherlands

Employment agencies in the Netherlands

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Are you looking for a job in the Netherlands? Is your job search not going that well? Perhaps you should consider going to a Dutch employment agency to increase your chances of getting a job.

A unique position

The position of employment agencies in the Netherlands in the job market is unique in Europe. All the employment agencies put together make up one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.

We’re not talking about “little jobs” here either. Roughly 40 percent of temporary workers stay at their job for longer than a year, working 30 hours per week on average. Half of all temps even work full time.

Why do so many companies in the Netherlands work with an agency?

Well, for one thing, many employers prefer the flexibility temporary contracts provide. When it comes to regular employment contracts, employers and employees can agree on a maximum of three fixed-term contracts; the total duration of the combined contracts cannot extend 24 months.

If you work for an agency that is a member of the ABU (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen), you will work under the rules and regulations of the Flexwet. This means that you will work under the phase system:

  • Phase 1: No contract, but an agreement lasting for 78 worked weeks 
  • Phase 2: A contract for a maximum of 6 fixed periods, with a total duration of 4 years 
  • Phase 3: An indefinite contract with the employment agency 

For those who like maths: As you can see, the total duration of phase A and B is 5,5 years. This means that you can work 3,5 years longer on flexible contracts through an agency compared to a regular employer. Therefore, employment agencies in the Netherlands enjoy a unique position in the labour market, which makes them good business partners for both Dutch and international companies.

Make sure you connect with a solid agency

The most reliable agencies are a member of a federation, such as the ABU. The ABU has been the main representative for private employment agencies in the Netherlands since 1961. With the help of a trustworthy employment agency, you will have access to a great network of companies. So, don’t be afraid to explore the Dutch labour market with the help of an agency!

Els Brouwer is the Executive Director of Projob Company Onboarding. She has been working with expats and international companies for over 20 years. See what Projob can do for you

Els Brouwer


Els Brouwer

Els has been working for more than twenty years in the recruitment sector and now at Projob, an agency that offers not only recruitment but also careercoaching. She is responsible...

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Dear Thyagarajan, Please send us a message via our website or via [email protected] and we are happy to see if we can help you in your search.

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Hi There,my name is Aidis Valdez I’m 40 yrs old looking for Family host in Netherlands .im currently live in Singapore for 15 yrs being nanny and house helper..msg me if anyone interested I will send my cv .many thanks

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Hello Mam, I G Suresh, presently working as research Scholar, my area of research is "Developement of medical implants processed by LENS". My research work came to conclusion, I am planning to submit thesis by the end of Aug-2018 I am looking for an opportunity/ post doctroal fellowships, kindly request you to reffer for suitable job opportunities in Netherlands It would be a great help for me. Thanking You.

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Golid 04:05 | 23 April 2019

Dear Ms. Brouwer, Thank you for your enlightening article. I cannot believe I am just finding it now, and all thanks to my better, smarter half. Since this was written almost a year ago, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on which ones would be considered in the top 3 employment agencies today. Thank you so much again for writing this. Best regards, Golid Ayoubi [email protected]

Kakande Juliet ... 11:57 | 8 March 2020

Am Julie from Uganda am diploma holder in midwifery ,how easy is it for me to get a job in any health facility and how can you help me get one. +256772303084 will be great full if I hear from you. Thanks

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Iam a highly qualified air traffic controller and drone pilot with a strong foundation in business management. My unique skill set, which combines precision, safety, and management expertise. Looking for a challenging role in the Netherlands. My email is [email protected]