Dutch ICT industry experiencing jobs boom

Dutch ICT industry experiencing jobs boom

Good news for skilled ICT professionals looking for a job: demand for ICT workers in the Netherlands has jumped this year, according to a study by the UWV, the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency.

For 2014 the number of Information and Communications Technology vacancies is expected to reach 34.000, an increase of 20 per cent compared to last year.


The majority of opportunities are for workers with higher level qualifications. Geographically, most opportunities are around Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and in the Brabant province. In-demand roles include system analysts, computer specialists, as well as jobs which have been created though new developments in technology such as 3D printing and Big Data.

Ongoing growth

From 28.000 in 2013 to 34.000 in 2014, the number of IT vacancies are expected to rise further to around 37.000 in 2015 and in following years.

In the Netherlands the ICT sector currently employs a quarter of a million people, and has witnessed steady growth in recent years. Large companies are not the only ones experiencing a boom, with the proportion of self-employed workers tripling between 1998 and 2010.

A plan for the Dutch ICT sector

The UWV anticipates increased economic importance of the ICT sector, and highlights the biggest challenge as attracting qualified personnel.

Last spring Lodewijk Asscher, the Dutch Minister of Employment, approved a 9,4 million euros plan for the ICT industry which, among other things, provides training for 2.500 IT professionals.

A researcher at UWV, Kees van Uitert, states, "The bottlenecks in the labor market are a pressing problem for the ICT sector. This sector is developing and changing rapidly. It is therefore important to continue to invest in recruitment and training of workers."

An overview of the Dutch jobs market

The UWV, together with employers, workers organisations, city councils, and labour market experts, has been analysing more than 20 industries to establish an overview of shortages and surpluses in the Dutch labor market.

The findings can be used to plan industry development and also contribute to municipalities' regional labor agendas.

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