5 tips for building a tutoring business online in 2022

5 tips for building a tutoring business online in 2022

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If one of your dreams has always been helping others to learn, you could start a tutoring business online. It might sound a bit challenging, but Preply will guide you through five steps that will help you get a better understanding of where to start.

During the worldwide pandemic, a lot of people started working remotely. A remote job has both its pros and cons. For example, it may be difficult to deal with motivation when you are working from home, especially if you have young children who are constantly craving your attention.

However, most people find more benefits in the ability to work from home rather than disadvantages. For example, you save a lot of time, which can allow you to start your own business which you may have always dreamed of, such as a tutoring business. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

1. Make sure you have enough experience for the role

Depending on what you want to teach online, you might need a specific type of education, which could be a university degree or a certificate that proves you have the required knowledge and experience to teach a certain topic. There is a large variety of things to teach online: English, yoga, marketing, physics, literature, and many other things. Thus, before you start applying for tutoring jobs or filming your online course, make sure you qualify for the job.

2. Write down a business plan

In order to run a successful business, you need a proper business plan that defines your main mission, strategy, and steps that will help you reach your goals. Also, you need to think through how much time and what kind of investment you are able to put into this business and whether it will be profitable in the end.

You can either hire a professional to write down the business plan for you or use all kinds of tips and templates for business plans online. However, since it’s only the beginning of your business, you do not need to write a detailed plan. But it should at least have a description of your future business, marketing strategy, financial plan, and operating strategy.

3. Prepare necessary tech gear

For tutoring online, you will need to make sure you have all the necessary tech gear. For instance, if your plan is to start with an English online tutoring job, you will need a computer that does not lag and a good microphone to ensure that your students can hear and understand you properly.

Also, nowadays, when a lot of classes take place online instead of an actual classroom, people lack real human connection, thus you will probably need to use a webcam too. If your computer works smoothly but has a very low-quality webcam, you may consider purchasing a separate webcam. Moreover, don’t forget to invest in a good internet connection.

4. Decide what your tutoring platform will be

There are quite a few ways to fulfil your dream of tutoring online. However, if you do not want to work for one company, you can film your own course and upload it to one of the online teaching platforms. Another way to go is to launch your own website. Even though it’s always nice to have something of your own, keep in mind that this will require a lot of work with Google Ads, social media, and you will have to invest more into your marketing strategy than you would by using previously mentioned platforms.

5. Have a marketing plan

Nowadays, because of the pandemic, the eCommerce market is packed with competition, thus online tutoring also has more competition than ever before. As people prefer to work from home, they have more spare time to learn new things, so they are more interested in taking online courses.

Whichever path you choose to go - launching a course on an online platform, being hired by a specific company, or creating your own website - you will need to work on your marketing strategy to attract more students. One of the strategies that really works with online tutoring is asking your students to write reviews and give recommendations to people that they know.

Preply is a worldwide website where you can find tutors jobs. Aimed to help both kids and adult learners, Preply unites teachers and all people in search of new knowledge in a single place. The lessons are accessible remotely, and this can help teachers from different cities to reach students worldwide and teach German, French, Dutch, English, Russian and other languages from the comfort of their homes.

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