5 Reasons to set up a business bank account in the Netherlands with 3S Money

5 Reasons to set up a business bank account in the Netherlands with 3S Money


There are many aspects to consider when setting up your business in the Netherlands. There are local working laws to think about. Taxes. A new language to navigate. The list goes on. And often at the top of any entrepreneur’s list is a business bank account.

Bank like a local with 3S Money

Opening a local business bank account in the Netherlands without a Dutch passport can be a challenge. Traditional Dutch banks like ABN AMRO and ING have strict legislation and individual acceptance policies for expats, but to do business in the Netherlands you need a local bank account. It’s a dilemma many face, and it can take months to resolve. Thankfully, international business banking provider 3S Money can help.

Why you should bank with 3S Money

Working with shareholders and directors in 190+ countries, 3S Money’s local Netherlands IBANs and Global Business Accounts are a gateway to the Netherlands and Europe. Here are five benefits your business will gain when banking with 3S Money.

1. Bank like a local with a Dutch IBAN

Having a local Dutch IBAN is a must-have when doing business in the Netherlands. With a local IBAN in your company’s name, you can pay your suppliers, receive money with ease, pay local salaries, and be aligned with the local tax system. But getting a Dutch IBAN for your business is much easier said than done.

Whether you’re a trading business, a family office, or a holding company, 3S Money offers local Dutch IBANs for non-resident entrepreneurs so you can bank like a local. 3S Money’s accounts are particularly useful for businesses that send, receive and exchange high-value payments internationally.

2. Non-EU directors and shareholders accepted from 190+ countries

Not a Dutch or EU citizen? No problem. 3S Money was founded on the principle that your passport type shouldn’t stop you from scaling your business internationally. In fact, the 3S Money founders came up with the idea for the business after they themselves were unable to open a local Dutch business bank account. Despite investing in the local Dutch economy, they were unable to access the local banking system, causing them huge complexity. It was because of that experience that 3S Money was born and the company has been helping international businesses scale across borders ever since.

Today, 3S Money accepts directors and shareholders from 190+ countries. Considering there are only 195 countries on earth, that’s some impressive global coverage.

3. Gain entry to the European market and beyond

As well as offering a local Dutch IBAN, 3S Money offers local IBANs in the UK, Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, and the US. And the best part? All your local IBANs are linked to a single, easy-to-use account and client dashboard you can access online, in your business’s name. Yes, with 3S Money’s digital-first approach, international business banking has been streamlined and simplified. Do business from your phone with the knowledge that 3S Money’s secure banking infrastructure has your back.

Want one less thing to worry about? Check your eligibility for a 3S Money account, today!

4. Benefit from a Personal Client Manager

It’s no secret that scaling your business into new markets can be a lot of work at the best of times. That’s why 3S Money offers every client a Personal Client Manager to support you every step of the way. With expert advice and guidance from someone who truly cares about your business, the 3S Money experience is ideal for expats who want to benefit from local banking knowledge and advice.

When was the last time you picked up the phone and called your bank manager? Or, better yet, when was the last time they called you? Working with 3S Money combines leading Fintech innovation with the best private banking service. Better service, security, and speed are guaranteed.

5. Access competitive foreign exchange rates

Scaling quickly often means needing access to multiple foreign currencies. Fortunately, 3S Money offers 40+ currencies (with more currencies regularly being added to their offering!). Long gone are the days of having to liaise with your business bank provider and a separate foreign exchange provider. Instead, 3S Money brings together the best international business banking services – saving you time and money.

Plus, 3S Money’s foreign exchange rates are competitive and much more favourable than your traditional bank. And while other banks will leave you waiting for a response for days, 3S Money’s live forex desk is designed to help you exchange high-value payments faster and more effectively.

Open your local business bank account today!

Ready to open your local business bank account in the Netherlands? Check your eligibility for a 3S Money account, today!



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