20 percent of employed Dutch fall asleep at work

According to a national survey by the University of Leiden, 20 percent of Dutch people in paid employment are so tired that they fall asleep at work.

The study also revealed that 25 percent often have sleepless nights because of work-related stress and concerns. Although 75 percent appreciate the need for adequate sleep in order to function efficiently, over half of Dutch would choose an extra hour at work over an additional hour in bed, if given the choice.

The lack of sleep is affecting work-performance; 25 percent of Dutch rely on coffee, energy drinks or drugs to get through the working-day. The survey reveals that some Dutch make mistakes and cause accidents through their tiredness. Even those who work outdoors or in physical labour find little relief.

The researchers have called upon employers to consider flexible working hours for people who work best in the evening (estimated to be around 18 percent of the population). They also think that more information should be available to employees, and preventive measures put in place.

About the study
NSWO (the Netherlands Association for Research into Sleep and Insomnia), the independent association of and for professionals in the field of sleep and sleep disturbances, carried out the survey among a thousand healthy Dutch people in paid employment.

Source: Leiden University

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