20% of Dutch employers have staff shortages

20% of Dutch employers have staff shortages

Those looking to work in the Netherlands may want to try their luck at applying for jobs in sectors where there are shortages. According to a new report on the Dutch labour market by the Employee Insurance Agency Netherlands (UWV), employers in an increasing number of professions are reporting a shortage of suitable staff.

Hindrances due to shortages

Currently, 20 percent of employers experience problems due to the lack of staff. This figure increases to as high as 33 percent for some labour sectors such as temp agencies, call centres, IT service providers, architects and the metal and technology industry.

Despite the current situation when it comes to employees, the level of shortages on the Dutch labour market is not as high as it was 10 years ago, UWV states.

Certain Dutch industries experience more staff scarcity

According to the UWV report, scarcity of staff is prevalent in technical professions such as construction and installation, and industry and automotive technology.  Shortages can also be found in the industries of ICT, healthcare, transport, logistics, pedagogical and agricultural professions, along with service providers such as cleaning companies and the hospitality industry.

In order to improve the current staff shortage situation, the UWV has created a list consisting of 24 solutions for employers who are looking for ways to get job vacancies filled.

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