We Expat, a documentary about living far from one’s roots

We Expat, a documentary about living far from one’s roots


We Expat is a documentary by Italians, examining expat life in the Netherlands and delving into the joys as well as the trials and tribulations that arose during two years of living away from their Italian roots. Via crowdfunding, you can support the post-production of We Expat, a documentary by two Italian filmmakers who explore expat life in the Netherlands. You can lend your support until April 18, 2019.

The funding has reached the halfway mark. There are many fantastic rewards for those who give a contribution. If the necessary amount is not reached, then all the contributions collected will be returned to those who have already supported them.

A documentary about living far from home

Two authors chose to leave their home in Bologna, Italy and live for two years in Amsterdam, accepting the challenge of being part of a new and different society and overcoming the difficulties related to language, habits and relationships with people.

From this experience, and from their curiosity about the stories of those who, like them, chose to live far from their roots, the documentary project We Expat was born, which until April 18, 2019, can be supported on Ulule, one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms.

Three individuals from different cultures

We Expat involves two young Italian people, Laura Frontera and Giordano Polidoro, entering into a dialogue with three others who, like them, are also part of Dutch expat life: telling these stories from an introspective point of view gives value to the feelings and different cultures that are intertwined, creating a common and universal thread by which to identify oneself, while respecting the uniqueness of the individual.

You can lend your support to the post-production of the film until April 18. There are many fantastic rewards for those who give a contribution.

There is Brenda, from Mexico City; Natalya, born in Siberia; and finally Anky, who teaches Dutch to second-generation immigrant children. "They are people who have transmitted something strong to us”, say the authors of We Expat, “who bring with them a particular energy and a wide interiority and a great willingness to communicate it. They find themselves in a moment of passage or reflection, which enriches the interviews with intense and intimate moments".

The documentary is aimed at expats, at those who have relatives, friends or colleagues who live far from their country of origin, but also people who feel that they are far from their culture even though they only live a few hundred kilometres from home.

The mixed emotions of expat life

The trailer of the documentary is full of joy and melancholy: the joy of living in a place where these people want to build their future, but meanwhile, the difficulties related to being far from their country, without mastering the language and without the help of family, who can sometimes help to feel less alone. 

This theme of mixed emotions is more relevant than ever, not only because of the concerns that affect European citizens residing in Great Britain struggling with Brexit but also in a world that seems to go in the opposite direction, towards borders and nationalism. The psychological consequences of people coming from a different social and cultural context become all the more important.

Post-production via crowdfunding

Having worked together with a professional troupe on location in Haarlem, The Hague and Leeuwarden, the filming is finally complete. Now it's time for the post-production and the final stage of bringing the documentary to life. The crowdfunding campaign funds will be used for this.

The We Expat project has already participated in several live presentations and 50 percent of the total contribution has been already reached. Together, the expat community can help this insightful film come into fruition by pledging via the We Expat crowdfunding page.



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