We are on a Boat: new boat sharing app

Good news for people who enjoy boating but who are boatless!

The world’s first boat sharing app has been recently released to match people who would like to be on a boat, with people who are willing to share their boat.

Looking for a boat?

We are on a boat provides a new mobile system for boating enthusiasts to get in contact with a boat’s captain so they can share a recreational ride.

This idea is ideally suited to the waterways of the Netherlands, where cruising the canals is a popular and social activity.

Steps for boat sharing

The app provides a series of simple steps to connect potential passengers with the captain of an available boat:
 Define your location using the map and find a boat near you.
 Click the boat icon to see the number of places available and the captain’s profile.
 Request a boat ride by sending a message to the captain.

The system also includes a reward system and reviews. Passengers can reward the captain by contributing food or drink for the trip, or can help cover fuel costs. Users can review their boating experience to build trust and to strengthen the boat sharing community.

Similarly the app encourages boat owners to register as captains, helping them to fill empty seats on a boating trip, meet new people and to cover costs. Captains can define the number of available places on their boat.

Boat sharing worldwide

We are on a boat is created by Amsterdam-based developer Tiago Varandas and has already garnered attention from Het Parool and Wired.

The app was initially focused on the Netherlands, but can already be used around the world. According to the creator it will be useful in many other cities and countries with a boating culture. Boat listings are already starting to appear in Denmark, Toronto and the US.

A growing community

The app is can be downloaded free on the app store. We are on a boat is continually looking for members and boats. It is also currently crowdfunding on kickstarter until the end of August.

If you like the idea of boat sharing and meeting new people then join We are on a Boat!

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