Want to be down with kids? Head on over to Amsterdam Noord!

Want to be down with kids? Head on over to Amsterdam Noord!

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a beer from an independent brewery and thinks every room would look better with an exposed brick wall, then you’re probably already fairly well acquainted with Amsterdam Noord. 

The up-and-coming neighbourhood in the Dutch capital has seen significant change over the last few years, and fans of the area will be happy to hear all that hard work is being recognised on an international level. In fact, word has spread so far that Time Out magazine has featured Amsterdam Noord on their list of the 49 coolest neighbourhoods in the world!

The coolest neighbourhoods in the world

The coronavirus pandemic forced many of us to rediscover our own local areas instead of travelling further afield for a bit of adventure and that sense of something new. Time Out wanted to recognise this feeling of appreciating what’s on your doorstep, and so the magazine turned its attention to uncovering the coolest neighbourhoods that can be found in cities all around the world. 

So, what’s the 411? Where are all the kids hanging out these days? Well, you could travel internationally and stroll the streets of Neukölln (Berlin), Nørrebro (Copenhagen), or Mouassine (Marrakech), but you don’t have to go quite that far for a taste of cool; Amsterdam Noord has been ranked the 17th coolest neighbourhood in the world.

Amsterdam Noord: Where industrial meets sustainable

Amsterdam Noord brings together the perfect balance of industrial architecture with a bohemian chic vibe, as artists and creatives reclaimed spaces left behind by shipbuilders at the turn of the century. Whereas before the neighbourhood felt distinctly separate and isolated from the rest of the capital, Noord has very much come into its own over the past few years and is now definitely a place to explore when you’re in the city. 

“Now replete with amazing coffee shops and restaurants,” Time Out writes, “Noord has blossomed into a laid-back, entrepreneurial hub for those looking to escape the scrum of the centre.” The magazine praises the area’s focus on sustainability and green spaces as well as the value in the sense of community.

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