The time is now

The time is now

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Most people make long lists and great plans, but honestly, the one thing that you need to do is decide what your first step will be. Ligia Koijen Ramos from in2motivation explains.

You’ve probably have heard this from others before, and they were also right. How often are you waiting for the right moment, the right phone call or the right atmosphere to do what you want to do?

You can try and write out some great plan, but in the end, the most important thing you need to decide on is what your first step will be. What is the first step for you to have what you want? And, yes, the first step is always the scariest one, because it is the only one that matters.

Just go for it

The time is now. Not tomorrow, and not yesterday. And I’m repeating this, just for you so you recognise that this is what we do. We tend to think that yesterday was the time, or tomorrow will be the time, when the only thing that you have for real is now. Just now. Your memories are, just like the studies prove, made up. Your future is totally irrelevant if you don’t have today. Right?

Just go for it. Pick up a pen and a paper.

What is your intention?

Answer this question thinking about what you want and not what it should be. Get in touch with your dreams, your inner-child, your most illogical part.

What is the first step?

The first step is the smallest, the simplest; and the one that you can do in two minutes. It is the most irrelevant act that will set in motion what you want.

What is the emotion that you need?

How should you feel when you take that first step? You need a smile, anger, passion and fear to promote courage. Because believe me, everyone needs courage once in a while.

Find someone to tell

Just go and share your intention with someone that you love and trust. Share it and amplify it. The time is now, and this is the only time you have.

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Ligia  Koijen Ramos


Ligia Koijen Ramos

Master coach and founder of family dynamics at in2motivation. With more than twenty years of experience in different countries and contexts, Ligia has the profound belief that simplicity and dynamics...

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