ShockStop: The suspension seatpost that smooths out your ride

ShockStop: The suspension seatpost that smooths out your ride

You might have noticed that cycling in the Netherlands is not always smooth sailing, quite literally. If it is not a drain cover, it will be a pothole you cycle over that gives you a little bump. And let’s not even begin to talk about the paved cycle paths with loose tiles.

All these cycling bumps and impacts are absorbed by your body, and this can lead to fatigue, pain and even injury. Redshift Sports have come up with a solution to this problem, which doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on speed or comfort, as you may have done previously.

Improve your ride

Instead of taking the impact of bumps yourself, the ShockStop seatpost takes them for you, ultimately smoothing out your ride. It does this by suspending your body using an internal spring, which puts pressure on its four-bar linkage, and isolates you from the imperfections of the surface you are cycling upon.

The seatpost allows your bike to move under you when the cycling surface is uneven and the four-bar linkage keeps your saddle at the same angle throughout.


Not only does the ShockStop therefore make your ride more comfortable, it allows you to cycle faster and more efficiently, as you spend less time bracing for impacts and more time pedalling. And it is suitable for virtually every bike and surface, whether it be gravel, e-bike, commuter, city, road or mountain.

The suspension mechanism can even be tuned to match your riding style precisely. Bicycles do have to have a round seatpost 27.2mm in diameter or more to be compatible.

The company behind ShockStop

Redshift Sports are the brains behind the design of the ShockStop seatpost. The company was launched five years ago, by mechanical engineers with a passion for cycling.

They tackle real problems faced by cyclists and come up with elegant solutions. Tens of thousands of cyclists in over 65 different countries are now benefitting from their ideas and cycling with Redshift components on their bikes.

The ShockStop was lauched on Kickstarter on April 10, 2018 and reached its goal in a matter of hours. The Kickstarter campaign will end on May 12, at 5.59am and the product is expected to be made available in November, 2018.

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