Self-portrait contest: 'Express yourself'

Interested in exhibiting your self-portrait at one of the coolest places in town?

How it works
1. Post your best self-portrait (watermarked) on this facebook page until February 18 along with links to your Flickr, 500px, Google+ or website.

2. Join us at Chet's Jazz Café on February 19 with your friends to meet other fellow expatriate photographers and learn if you have won. 

Please send an email to info[at]monyart[dot]com stating approximately how many people will join you.

self portrait competition

All 10 finalists will have the opportunity to exhibit their photos at Chet's Cafe from March 25 until April 22, while 3 of them will also be interviewed for the Hoop Doop Magazine's blog.

 You live in Amsterdam
 You are an expat
 If you FEEL like you're "under 35"

 Submission deadline: February 18
 Winners announcement: February 19
 Exhibition start: March 25
 Exhibition end: April 22


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