Reasons to live in the Netherlands

The transient life of an expat is not always easy, that's why choosing the Netherlands is a positive move. With little or no language barrier and some of the friendliest people on the planet, your experience will be enjoyable and life enhancing. So what else attracts people to settle here?

› Accommodation
With a great range of luxury holidays in the Netherlands and a large amount of visitors each year, it's not surprising that they've got it right, in terms of accommodation.

With amazing houses and apartments overlooking the many waterways, you will be spoilt for choice. There are a variety of good rental agencies that will help you locate the right housing.

› Food
The Dutch have a great choice of food, including international cuisines. The bread is amazing and they boast their very own unique cheeses, most famously Gouda and Edam.

› The locals
The people here are some of the friendliest in the world. They are laid back and welcoming. You will make friends for life and their positive vibe is contagious.

› Language
From early school years, the Dutch are educated to speak English and are mostly fluent, so there are no language barriers here. Most of them speak at least three languages, making it easy to communicate.

› Bicycles
Practically everybody cycles in the Netherlands, from small children up to grandparents. There are cycle paths everywhere; cycling in the Netherlands is the most popular form of transportation. The car drivers here are much more aware and tolerant of cyclists, so it's safer too. This promotes good health and a general sense of well being.

› Transportation system
The transportation system here is of a very high standard and reliable. There is an extensive railway network that will also take you to other parts of Europe. Travelling by bicycle is practically compulsory, the bike paths are everywhere. Trams are another excellent way to get around and are available in most of the cities. Taxis are also available, but you will probably seldom need them.

› Location
The Netherlands is within easy reach of the rest of Europe. Belgium and Germany are a short distance away, and travelling to and from the Netherlands is simple and inexpensive. Take Maastricht for example, in the south of the Netherlands: a popular expat hub, from here you can literally walk to Belgium, or cycle to Germany.

The many advantages of living in the Netherlands exceed expectations. The life here is easy going and healthy. The country is historical and so beautiful that you may end up staying for good!

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