Rayo: the brightest and most advanced bicycle light

Rayo: the brightest and most advanced bicycle light

With the dark winter months still looming, it is important to be seen by cars and other cyclists when you are out and about cycling in the Netherlands. Most bike lights can only be seen during the evening hours when the sky is dark.

Bicycle loving company Hauteworks, from Newport Beach, California, has designed the world’s brightest and most advanced bike light, which can be seen at all hours of the day, helping you to cycle safely. 

High visibility lighting system

The Rayo has a whole host of functions, but most significantly, it has engineered optics, which enhance visibility from both the rear and sides of Rayo. Three ultra bright LEDs are used, along with two total internal reflection lenses, which direct and focus the light from the LEDS.

The focusing of the LEDs produces close, wide and long distance beams, which can be seen in both daylight and night. The pattern in which the beams are emitted can be customised for certain situations, such as rainfall and city cycling.

Using the same technology as drones, the Rayo tracks your movements and produces a brake light when it senses you are decelerating. This is a handy feature, as it warns cyclists behind you. If you are cycling in a group, you can also easily sync Rayo lights with each other.

As an added bonus, the Rayo is configured using a mobile app and will alert you if it detects unfamiliar movement from your bicycle, which could indicate theft. What’s more, there is no need for batteries, as it is rechargeable.

Company behind Rayo

The company behind Rayo is Hauteworks, which is a tech start-up passionate about cycling. They began this project in July 2016.

Within a year, in May 2017, they had made a functional prototype, which went on to win a silver K-Design award a couple of months later in August. That September, they created their second prototype and launched their project on Kickstarter in December 2017.

They have already made well above what they were aiming for and shipping will start April 2018.

Thumb: Hauteworks.

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