Permission to build the tallest tower in the Netherlands

Permission to build the tallest tower in the Netherlands

Rotterdam has received permission from the Dutch Council of State to build what will be the tallest residential tower in the Netherlands at a whopping 215 metres tall: the Zalmhaven tower.


The Zalmhaven tower, designed by Dam & Partners, will be built in the harbour area of Rotterdam at the foot of the Erasmusbrug, and will accommodate 260 apartments along with a panoramic restaurant and terrace. The terrace will be built 185 metres high and will be open to the public.

Another two 70-metre towers are also part of the plans. The smaller towers, designed by Kaan Architecten, have been called the Kaantorens or Kaan towers and will house 180 apartments and 35 single-family homes. The three residential towers are a part of De Zalmhaven complex, which will also consist of offices, a roof-top park and park café. 

Unhappy neighbours

The plans for De Zalmhaven received a majority vote from the city council September 8, 2016, and the municipality of Rotterdam granted building permission to the tower plans in April 2017.

Despite approval, those living in the vicinity of the proposed tower went to the Council of State to raise their objections.

Residents of the surrounding communities raised issues such as parking problems and less sunlight. Citizens were also concerned about the area’s quality of life deteriorating.

No more objections

The Council of State rejected the concerns raised, and as such, no further appeals can be made.

The construction of the towers is now definitive and work is expected to begin at the end of this year. It is estimated that the complex will be completed by 2020.  

Photos provided by Dam & Partners Architecten. For more information about De Zalmhaven visit

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