One in a hundred Dutch households worth over 1 million euros

Just over one percent of Dutch households is worth over 1 million euros, and the majority of Dutch millionaires are happy, according to a report by Van Lanschot Bankiers which includes a survey of 257 Dutch millionaires.

There are 92.000 households worth over 1 million euros in the Netherlands, comprising 1,3 percent of all households. These households control 39 percent of the nation's wealth. Note that while the disparity in household worth is high, it is in line with the international average, and income disparity is lower here than in most European countries.

The average Dutch millionaire is 50 or older and is worth 2,9 million euros, but has an annual disposable income of just 78.000 euros. Millionaires in the Netherlands are often married men, and the vast majority of them are native Dutch. Interestingly, just 40 percent of Dutch millionaires are university educated.

Most Dutch millionaires live in or around Amsterdam or in the province of Utrecht. Towns such as Blaricum, Laren, Bloemendaal, Heemstede, and Wassenaar have the highest density of millionaires.

While they say that money can't buy happiness, 86 percent of the Dutch millionaires surveyed report feeling happy, and 62 percent of them believe that there is a definite link between money and happiness, although women are more likely to feel like way than men (71 percent vs. 59 percent).

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