Olaf kick scooter suitcase: a new travel companion

Olaf kick scooter suitcase: a new travel companion

Everyone is always travelling these days.

It’s great fun, but if you have a heavy bag, or your hotel is a long way from the station, it can be a hassle getting to your destination.

What about luggage that is not only easy to transport, but also becomes your transport?

This is the idea behind Olaf: a hybrid suitcase and foldable kick scooter that combine to create a very convenient mobility system.

The Olaf concept

Bostjan Zagar, the lead developer behind Olaf, cites the common problem of having to carry around too much stuff in your luggage, handbag or backpack, as inspiration.

"That is why we came up with the idea of building on something that already exists and making it better in terms of volume, weight, and practicality."

The creators describe Olaf as an indispensable travel companion that can help users explore or escape the city.

Business and Urban models

There are two kinds of Olaf kick scooters to cater to different travellers and markets.

The Olaf Business model is a three-in-one hybrid combining an airline-approved carry-on suitcase with a trolley and kick scooter.

The Olaf Urban model incorporates four elements: a removable, ergonomically-designed backpack, a trolley, a steerable kick scooter and wooden skateboard.

The Urban model is also an open platform which allows users to attach their own backpacks, baskets or even beer crates!

The creator's story

It all started when Zagar, a Slovenian PhD and machine engineer, decided to create a sturdy carry-on suitcase solution to meet his travelling needs.

With help from his tool-maker father in Ljubljana, Zagar first developed the business suitcase model then, inspired by the longboard craze, moved on to create the urban backpack model.

Zagar and his team have spent the past three years developing, refining and patenting the scooter’s design and getting constant feedback from other product designers, travellers, kids and airport staff.

Kickstarter fundraising

The Olaf project is crowdfunding on Kickstarter until October 23. The project already raised its target of 30.000 Canadian dollars two weeks before the end of the campaign. Versatile mobility platforms are clearly in demand!

The Olaf kick scooters will be manufactured in Europe.

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