NS launches the Netherlands’ first ever WhatsApp thriller

NS launches the Netherlands’ first ever WhatsApp thriller

Ever heard of a WhatsApp horror story where you get to see the plot unfold via a series of messages, photos and video messages? Well, that is exactly what NS is offering with its WhatsApp thriller.

On the edge of your (train) seat…

This is the Netherlands’ first ever WhatsApp thriller. The thriller in question is called Ontspoord (Derailed) and its script has been written by famous screenwriter Melle Runderkamp. Runderkamp is famous for the TV series Het Schnitzelparadijs (The Schnitzel paradise) and the film Familieweekend (Family weekend) amongst other productions.

This thriller follows Sarah, who, after drinks with her colleagues, sees something she shouldn’t have seen and then disappears. Sarah needs to prove that she is innocent before she is found. Whether she manages to or not will be revealed in the story, which consists of 210 messages, which vary from text messages to videos and photos.

Can you feel the suspense?

If you’re on the train, don’t forget to look around you to see if anyone is particularly jumpy or waiting in suspense for a message. The thriller commences on Monday, January 28, and comes to a finale on Friday, February 1. Every day, participants will receive messages revealing Sarah’s story.

Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for the thriller, but there may be new ones in the future. So, if this sounds like something you’d be in to, be sure to keep an eye on NS’ media channels.

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