The Netherlands is second place for cyclist deaths in Europe

The Netherlands is second place for cyclist deaths in Europe

A study by the European Transport Safety Council, which took place over the last decade, the Netherlands is the second most “dangerous” place for cyclists. Only Ireland recorded a higher increase in cyclist deaths.

Cyclist deaths in the Netherlands

People in the Netherlands love to cycle. In fact, there are 17 million people living in the Netherlands and, according to a 2018 report, 23 million bikes. So, would it really surprise anyone to know that the Netherlands has the second-highest rate of cyclist deaths in Europe?

Typically, the number of cyclist deaths in the Netherlands hovers around the 200 mark every year, according to the Statistics Netherlands. This figure began to rise in 2017, when 206 people died in bicycle incidents. In 2018, 228 cyclists died. From 2010 to 2018, the number of cyclist fatalities in the Netherlands grew by two percent.

Preventing cyclist deaths

83 percent of cyclist fatalities occurred after a collision with someone driving a motor vehicle. Half of those who died while cycling were 65 years old or older. The Council’s report suggested that European countries take action to reduce the number of cyclist deaths. It proposes giving infrastructure priority to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport and to implement a 30 km/h speed limit in cyclist and pedestrian hotspots.

Furthermore, cars can be designed to help reduce the risk of injury to cyclists. Crash-friendly car fronts and blind-spot mirrors on lorries, as well as cyclist detection systems, can all be implemented to help avoid accidents.

The Netherlands is a safe place to cycle

Ireland is the only place with a higher average increase in cyclist deaths compared to the Netherlands. From 2010 to 2018, it saw an eight percent increase in cyclist deaths. Despite this, the Netherlands is defended in the report. As cycling is a lot more common in the Netherlands compared to other countries, it stands to reason that more cycling fatalities occur. According to the report, the Netherlands is one of the safest places to cycle, with extensive cycling infrastructure networks.

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Åsa Aspelin 11:30 | 10 February 2020

No one is using helmets in the Netherlands. Not even for small children and that I find horrible! In Sweden helmets on children is obligated by the law. Isn't it better to argument for bikers own security then to rely on the vehicle industry to produce more safe-to-be-hit-by cars? In any other aspect the Netherlands is the bicycle country nr 1 ❤