Meet new people in your area with the SportU App

Meet new people in your area with the SportU App


Moving to a whole other country - or even just a new city! - can be quite challenging. Leaving your friends and family behind and starting over is not something we should take lightly. But the ways we usually meet new people are unfortunately not accessible to us in these strange times.

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Whoever expected that in 2020 and 2021, we would not be able to meet each other for a coffee at the local café, or that meetup groups would all be held via zoom? Luckily with the new SportU app, it is now easier than ever to meet new people in your area, even in these crazy times.

Find your own circle of empowerment

SportU is Europe’s first and only female-exclusive sports app, which launched in the Netherlands in September 2020.

With this app, you can easily connect with like-minded women in your area and find your own circle of empowerment. Not only can you chat with each other and discover if your goals, preferences, and even performance levels align, but you can find the personal trainers that suit you best and organise sports events. Once the corona rules mellow down, you will also be able to use the app to find special deals at gyms and studios in your area.

Positive change

The SportU team likes to stay connected with all of their users through their social media platforms in order to create a real community and sense of belonging. They recently sat down (virtually, of course) with one of their most enthusiastic members, Vivian, to ask her some questions about how SportU has affected her life. Her answers were a welcome and happy surprise for the SportU team, and showed the real positive change the app has had on Vivian’s social life.

Thanks for joining us Vivian! Could you please tell us a little about yourself?

I moved to Amsterdam at the beginning of February last year for my husband’s work and I immediately fell in love with the city! When we first arrived, I had high hopes that I would easily make new friends at work, through meet-up groups and through the great social scene in the city. But then COVID-19 happened, and I was out of a job, in a new country far away from my family, and to be honest, a little lonely. That’s why I’m so glad to have found the app!

What is your favourite feature on the app?

I use SportU in different ways, so I wouldn’t say I have just one. The first thing I did when I downloaded the app was to create an event - at that time it was still allowed. I organised a group training session at the park for 10 women and that was the first time since arriving in Amsterdam that I felt like I was part of a group! It was a great opportunity to meet both international and local women in my area, but it also gave us a chance to get in a good work out. I’ve also found some ladies to go on a walk with through the park, even though it’s not intense exercise, at least we’re doing something, right?

How has SportU affected your life?

There are two big ways in which the app has helped me: feeling safer and feeling more confident! I enjoy going outside, getting some fresh air, but in the darker winter days, I don’t always feel as safe doing it alone. And, well, two people are stronger than one, so now that I have a buddy to go with me, I feel much more comfortable!

I was quite lonely this year and really felt the need to belong. I’m not particularly a sporty person, and I find it tough to motivate myself to get in some exercise. So, now with the help of SportU, I bridged those two gaps with the help of one amazing app! I feel better about myself; I am much happier with my social life, and my clothes have never fit better!

Download the app

Are you ready to find your new sports buddy or buddies? Download the app now and get started!*

*SportU is currently only available in the Dutch app store.



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