Meet the craftsmen of Delft Blue at Royal Delft Museum

Meet the craftsmen of Delft Blue at Royal Delft Museum


As an expat in the Netherlands, you're probably eager to learn more about Dutch history and culture. Delft Blue is part of the Dutch cultural heritage, a type of pottery that has been made since the 17th century. It's a beautiful and unique art form that is sure to leave a lasting impression. And the Royal Delft Museum is the perfect place to learn everything about Delft Blue!

What is there to see?

Royal Delft, also known as De Porceleyne Fles, is a pottery factory in Delft that has been producing Delft Blue since 1653. The Royal Delft Museum is in the historic centre of Delft, just a stone's throw from the Oude Kerk and the Prinsenhof. The museum's permanent collection includes over 6.000 objects.

Visitors can see a wide variety of Delft Blue, from vases and plates to tiles and figurines. You'll see how Delft Blue has evolved over the centuries, from its humble beginnings in the 17th century to its current status as a global phenomenon.

In addition to the permanent collection, the Royal Delft Museum also hosts regular temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions explore the relationship between Delft Blue and other art forms. After discovering the collections, you get to walk right through the factory where the Delft Blue is still being made and hand painted by skilful craftsmen.

Plan your visit now!

The museum is open seven days a week from 9.30am-5pm. No visit to Royal Delft is complete without an audio or guided tour. A complimentary audio tour in eight languages is included with your admission fee. Guided tours are
also possible. During your visit to the museum there are a variety of activities and workshops to do, including:

Painting workshop

Paint your own Delft Blue tile or plate in a painting workshop. Express your creativity with your own design or select a timeless Royal Delft design.

Children's scavenger hunt

The Royal Delft Museum offers a children's scavenger hunt, designed to keep young ones entertained as they explore the museum and factory. Simply follow the route, and watch your child or grandchild light up with excitement as they discover all the hidden treasures.


Enjoy a lunch or high tea at the brasserie, while overlooking the stunning courtyard.

After your visit to the museum, be sure to stop by the Royal Delft store. The store sells a wide variety of Delft Blue products, including pottery, jewellery, and home décor. All the Delft Blue products in the store are made right there in the factory.

Royal Delft webshop

If you don't have the opportunity to come by, but want to get your hands on a typical Dutch product, then the Royal Delft webshop is just the thing! Discover the collection on the Royal Delft webshop

Book your tickets

Book your tickets in advance and plan your visit for a fascinating cultural day out in Delft. Browse the Royal Delft Museum website for more information.



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