Meet Act Attack, the new English speaking theatre group in Amsterdam!

Meet Act Attack, the new English speaking theatre group in Amsterdam!

Meet Act Attack, the new English speaking theatre group in Amsterdam!

Act Attack is an English speaking acting & improv group based in Amsterdam.

Their mission is to help people express themselves and interact with each other while having fun. As life imitates art, creative work can inspire and initiate a lot of real-life events. Thus, acting is a perfect way for anyone to boost their creativity, confidence and communication skills.

Find out how theatre and acting can help you become your own hero!

Act Attack welcomes people from every level and background, focussing on giving a special experience to everybody who is willing to grow via theatre- they see it as a means of personal development. Their team consists of people from around the world with a common passion for theatre.

Sharing their passion with others

Act Attack offers courses for beginners and those with more experience. Their short-term acting, improv & physical theatre courses (10 weeks) include stage acting exercises and improvisation games, blended together in preparation for the end-of-term performance. They also offer courses which do not end in a performance, as well as tailor-made business workshops for team building purposes.

Courses starting from September

There are several courses starting in September with spots still available. Take a look at which suits you best!

Pure Improv

What is a Pure Improv course? In this course for beginners & intermediates, the focus will be solely on improv games. Only improv, fun & creativity, with a dash of acting. Increase your happiness levels, think outside the box & boost your imagination. Be yourself & feel free!

Improv & Physical

What is an Improv & Physical course? In these courses for beginners & intermediates, you'll get connected to your body, be more present, and build on tools for self-awareness and spontaneous expression.

Sign up before 31/07 and get a 10% discount on all courses


What is an Acting course? In these courses for beginners, theatre acting and the basics of improvisation will be combined. The courses will culminate in a short end-of-term performance. Learn acting & improv techniques, develop your communication & public speaking skills and boost your confidence & happiness levels. With Act Attack, you can be an acting hero!

Time & Duration of the Courses

All acting courses start in January, May and September. Each course lasts 10 weeks and takes place once a week, during evening hours, depending on which course you choose. Act Attack believes in offering longer courses, giving enough time to grow and learn together with your fellow co-actors.

Sign up now

Are you interested in exploring further the world of acting and improv? Do you want to improve your communication skills? Then sign up before 31/07 and get a 10% discount on all courses. You can always start with a trial class and decide if you would be interested in a full course.



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