Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as an expat

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as an expat


In our present-day society, we are often not aware of our well-being. We only start thinking about our well-being the moment we don’t feel “well” any longer. When this happens, our first reaction is to consult a doctor to treat our symptoms. However, many diseases are lifestyle-related and can be prevented or reduced by making adjustments to our lifestyle.

Recent research shows that lifestyle adjustments can lower the risk of certain heart diseases. Also, stomach, bowel and liver complaints diminish or even disappear after changing influences, such as nutrition and stress.

Staying healthy

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle can be especially challenging when living abroad. The mental, physical, and social adjustment related to moving to another country causes stress to all different levels of your well-being. But making your transition successful largely depends on how well you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


One-on-one life coaching sessions

At Translucentlife, you can take one-on-one life coaching sessions aimed at strengthening your mental well-being. Together with coach Perine Simon-Davelaar, you’ll discover and explore your unique energy.

You will investigate how this energy expresses itself in the ups and downs that you experience in your life. Perine will guide you in making powerful decisions that are good for you. Together, you’ll reflect on the convictions that you have imposed on yourself and replace them with new insights that are more helpful.

A unique holistic approach

Besides mental life coaching, Translucentlife also offers a unique holistic approach to lifestyle issues, working together with different professionals to improve an individual’s life.

"True lifestyle changes can only happen when we address all the different areas of our lives"

Why is a holistic approach so important?

It is important because true, sustainable lifestyle changes can only happen when we address all the different areas of our lives.

You want to eat more healthily and lose weight, but you can’t get yourself to do it? Chances are there is more going on in your life than just the desire to lose weight. If you are truly committed to change, you are ready to look at all the aspects.

A bespoke lifestyle coaching plan

Depending on your specific needs, lifestyle coach Perine Simon-Davelaar from Translucentlife will draw up a bespoke lifestyle coaching plan that will tackle one or more aspects of your life.

Who are the professionals that Translucentlife works with?

  • Personal trainers
  • Nutritionists
  • Relationship therapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Energy workers
  • Homeopaths
  • Style therapists
  • Interior architects
  • Yoga teachers

For whom?

You are looking for authenticity, self-leadership and a sense of direction. Questions that you have might have:

  • Is this the job for me?
  • Why am I afraid to express myself?
  • Why do I run into certain relationship issues?
  • What do I want to do with my life?
  • How can I maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • I don’t have the energy I used to have, how can I reclaim my power?
  • I am working too hard, how do I find more “me time”? 

And, as a spouse or partner of a hard-working expat, you might have questions that are related to what your role and direction might be in this new adventure.

On offer now

Interested? Translucentlife offers a unique 6-week lifestyle package for 615 euros, which includes:

  • 4,5 hours of life coaching
  • 3 sessions with a personal fitness trainer
  • 2 sessions with a specialised nutritionist
  • 1 mindfulness session

Find out more about this healthy lifestyle package.

Free introductory meeting

Please contact Translucentlife for a free-of-charge introductory meeting. Perine Simon-Davelaar’s sessions are in Dutch or English and can take place at her office or online, so you don’t have to feel excluded if you are in another part of the world or if you have a busy life schedule. Visit the website for more info or give Perine a call at +31-6-20010959.



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