JPP Photography: Document your life in the Netherlands

JPP Photography: Document your life in the Netherlands


Now that you have started your life in the Netherlands, why not have your Dutch adventure documented in photos? Award-winning photographer Jolene den Boer specialises in documentary photography. Based in Amsterdam, she travels around the Netherlands to capture real life stories.

Have your Dutch adventure documented by Jo

Stories everywhere 

As a visual storyteller Jolene sees stories everywhere. For example, in seemingly small moments like a Saturday morning with your family. That instant when your child climbs on your lap. The joy they experience when playing with a favourite toy. Your family taking a walk  while exploring nature. Or playing football together. All precious moments that often pass without you noticing, let alone stopping your actions to take a photo. And if you manage to think of taking out your camera, the person taking the photo will be missing in action.

Documentary photography

Jo photographs your family in a documentary style. The most important feature is that nothing is posed or styled. No need to clean the house. No running after your children with a new shirt. It is what it is, your family in all its glory. And it is beautiful, because it is yours. Jo typically joins your family for a few hours up to an entire day, depending on what you prefer. That might sound invasive, but in practice, you will soon go about your business. It will be a day filled with fun conversations and joyful moments.

JPP Fotografie 1

Newborn photo shoot

The first weeks after your child is born are so special. Life as a new family has begun, and you are making new memories every day. A beautiful story to capture, and hence a perfect occasion to hire a photographer. Jo meets up with you for an hour or so, capturing you and your newborn without any posing. And no rush, of course. Babies cannot be managed. So, you don’t have to stress if your child needs a diaper change or if they are hungry. Jo will stay until she has captured all the moments she needs.

JPP Fotografie 2

Wedding and other parties

There is a story to capture every day. But there are also those big events. Like your birthday, anniversary, or wedding day. If you would like to have photos that focus on the moments and the people present, then Jo is your person. Because the best photos are taken when your guests are just celebrating, unaware of their photographer.

And that is precisely the style Jo prefers. She will be there, on the hunt for those unique moments that make your day so special. The love between you and your partner. A parent getting emotional. Grandma on the dance floor. Your best friend laughing out loud while giving the audience some extra special details about your life. In other words: the laughter, the tears, the food and the drinks.

Wedding photo JPP Fotografie Amsterdam

Share your photos

After the photo shoot, you’ll receive a beautifully-designed photo gallery filled with professionally edited photos for you to select from. You can easily share those photos with your loved ones, wherever they are. Maybe you’d like to order a slideshow with music to present your newborn to your family abroad. Or you want your favourite photos as wall art in your home. A handmade photo album is also wonderful to have and makes a great present for the holidays. There are many possibilities, which Jo will gladly discuss with you.

Award-winning documentary photography

Over the years, Jo has picked up awards with her documentary family photography. You can see a selection of her work on This is Reportage: Family, Fearless Family, and Family Photo Journalist Association.



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