International Lactation Specialists: Support for expat mothers

International Lactation Specialists: Support for expat mothers


Are you pregnant or a new mother? Do you plan to breastfeed, or are you currently breastfeeding? Are you looking to meet other new mothers?

Having a newborn to care for is a challenging experience, especially if you live abroad away from your family. If you are living in Haarlem, Amsterdam, or the surrounding areas and need to find someone you can relate with, International Lactation Support can help. Prenatal breastfeeding classes, in-home consultations, and meetups are provided in English and led by another expat. Additionally, virtual consults are available worldwide.

Breastfeeding advice for expat mothers

International Lactation Support follows the belief that every mother deserves individual breastfeeding advice, education, and encouragement to trust her maternal instincts. The goal of Lactation Specialists is to empower mothers to gain confidence to breastfeed their babies effectively. Often new mothers wonder, "Do I need help with breastfeeding?" Establishing your milk supply, positioning, latching, engorgement, baby weight gain and milk supply issues, nipple pain, clogged ducts, pumping, returning to work, introducing solids, and weaning are all common concerns.

International Lactation Support offers the following services:

Are you interested in meeting other new or expectant mothers at a café? International Lactation Support hosts weekly events in Haarlem in English.

International Lactation Support in the Netherlands

International Lactation Support is led by consultant Andrea Hamlett. Originally from California, Andrea now lives in the Netherlands with her husband and two children. After graduating with a degree in Psychology, she decided to follow a career in healthcare and become a California Board Certified Registered Nurse. After over 10 years of working in healthcare, she relocated to the Netherlands. She has always had a strong bond with women, babies, and children, both personally and professionally. Working as a Lactation Specialist in the Netherlands allows her to provide education and support to a global community of women. 

She holds several certifications and degrees specialising in newborn and maternal health, including:

  • Certified Advanced Lactation Specialist
  • Board Certified Registered Nurse
  • Bachelor of Psychology

To contact International Lactation Support, you can visit their website or contact Andrea directly at [email protected] or on WhatsApp: +31 6 24 12 60 00.



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