Insight into sex in the Netherlands

According to a "sex atlas" published by French researchers, Dutch people have sex on average 9,6 times per month.

That is considerably less than Europe’s most amorous nation, Greece, where people find the time 11,5 times a month, although it looks better in comparison with the Swedes, who only manage it 7,7 times.

Perhaps more importantly for national feeling, Dutch people have more sex than Belgians, 8,8 times a month, and Germans, who admit to 8,7 monthly encounters on average.

The worldwide average is 103 times a year, about twice a week.

When it’s not with your partner

The researchers also used data for five European countries from the 1,5 million members of Gleeden, a dating site for married people who want affairs.

Lending weight to the clichés, the atlas pointed to Paris as the city where the most people are unfaithful. Other places where people like to stray include Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.

Over half of people who cheat on their partners are highly educated, with just under a quarter working in finance, banking or insurance.

The major reason people gave for being unfaithful was a desire to test their powers of seduction.

About Atlas Mondial des Sexualités

Atlas Mondial des Sexualités is the work of Nadine Cattan, director of the French research institute CNRS and Stephanie Leroy from the University Paris-Est Créteil.

Sources: De Standaard, AFP

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