A helping hand: 1000N-Sirs

A helping hand: 1000N-Sirs


Starting your life in the Netherlands can be an exciting adventure. A new environment, a new culture, a new home. Not just for you, but for your family as well. Not being able to speak the language (yet) could make things somewhat difficult. Finding out where to find the right information, who to speak to and where to go, takes a lot of time. So, what could be better than having a helping hand?

A helping hand

A helping hand could be used for letters or emails about procedures or requests written in Dutch. Communicating with businesses, schools and companies and getting across what you need. But also understanding what is needed from you. Integrating and settling in does not have to be a difficult or confusing task. Everybody could use some help in understanding what is needed to get things done.

1000N-Sirs: Personal Assistance with any problem you may face, any question you may have, big or small!

Simple things

Sometimes all you need is a little help with the small things. For instance, locating the closest shops to buy necessities, or figuring out what transport options are available in your area and how to make use of them. Perhaps you could use some help making appointments to visit nearby schools for your kids or you want to know which local apps are useful to download. Help is at hand!

Complicated things

But maybe you need help with more complicated matters. For example, figuring out what documents you need when you apply for a house or want to open a bank account in the Netherlands. Getting health insurance is compulsory in this country, but that means filling in numerous application forms and determining which documents to upload can confuse even the Dutch.

Getting through the red tape of rules and regulations is hard even if you know the language and even more so as a foreigner who doesn’t. 1000N-Sirs can help you out!

Help on demand

For every situation, help on demand is possible. For the simple things and the more complicated things. Everyone could use a helping hand with settling in and finding their way in this new and exciting adventure of being an expat in the Netherlands. Basically, every expat could use a Personal Assistant at home!

Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant can help you plan and organise and remind you of all the important things in your life. Companies provide Personal Assistants on a regular basis, but now you have the opportunity to have one on your own terms and for anything you may need help with. Personal Assistance for any problem you may face, any question you may have, big or small. With 1000N-Sirs, you can count on assistance at an executive level. You should expect nothing less!

Contact 1000N-Sirs

Find out now what 1000N-Sirs can do for you. Contact them at: [email protected] or +31615057375 to find out the possibilities or make an appointment. You can also contact them through their site: or via the form below:

Contact 1000N-Sirs

Need some help settling in? 1000N-Sirs can help you with any problems you may encounter, big or small!

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